Stress free Daedalus & Yoroi transactions

Can we please work on making Daedalus & Yoroi more user friendly. I want to be able to add trusted addresses by sending 1 ADA just to verify this is the correct address and then set it up as a option.
Please also include some time of timer or a loading bar or something that calms you down…
Every time i do a transfer I feel like I have lost it all for few minutes. It is stressful and If we want people to join we need to make it user friendly! How do you see people shaking of fear they will loose their money to the wrong address every time they try to pay for service?
Maybe add 2FA verification when sending to new address just to confirm as how my bank does, I want 2FA and notification if new device has logged into my wallet. I want to feel safe and secure when doing a transaction.
Please take it seriously and advise a date when we will be able to have that implemented.
Thank you.


Didn’t u opened last night another topic with this request ?