Stripped down topologyupdater

If you’re like me and you don’t like the idea of shell scripts being able to download and execute themselves from the internet, then this might be for you…

The reasons why I changed this are numerous… I’m not sure why such a small script requires the ability to autoupdate itself because even cardano-node doesn’t do that… What’s to stop someone changing the script to turn the machine into part of a DDoS network or causing all the other nodes to shut down and delivering it via autoupdate of this script? I’m also not sure why it even requires so much code and inclusion of the cnode components since its making 2 web requests and saving a file… I don’t even use cnode so I’m not going to begin here just for one script…

So if you’re like me who is paranoid, and you’d rather avoid the aforementioned… then this might work… it does not require anything except the one script and a few changes to the parameters at the top… It’s much slimmer and easier to read what it is doing and lacks any autoupdate functionality.

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Great script but now topology updater has this option too

#BATCH_AUTO_UPDATE=N # Set to Y to automatically update the script if a new version is available without user interaction