TopologyUpdater Crontab not running since update

I updated the script yesterday but since the update, my crontab is no longer running the script every hour. I am still getting the message below from pool vet-

Not getting any TX in the relay node-


And on top of this I am seeing not “in” peers on my producer node or any increase in Mempool TX/Bytes-


I never thought I would encouter SO MANY hurdles when I started this! I know I must be getting close to being fully operational, I just need to get there, I’ve spent too much time not too lol. Getting as far as I have wouldn’t have been possible with out the help of this EXCELLENT community!

Any help is welcome :+1:

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What is the logs of topologyUpdater telling you? logs/topologyUpdater_lastresult.json
also could you confirm that the topology.json file is updated by topologyUpdater?

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These are the last entries in the log -

How Might I confirm that the topologyUpdater is updating the topology.json?

First, u have the cnode port closed for outside connections;
Then, be sure that the topology updater runs every hour… after 4 runs everything should be fine

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I’m getting a similar report from as you’re getting, i.e. host is reachable, relay node is in the json but I get that “check manually that the topology…” error. How is checking that?

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I’m not sure which node is the “cnode”, but I have since restarted my relay node and all ports that I mean to have open are now accessible from the outside (I checked with Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router). Though this port seems to open and close at will.

The other problem that I am encountering is that my topologyupdater doesn’t seem to be running every hour.

Unfortunately I am still so new to this that your guess is as good as mine. Right now I’m just glad that they are doing this service for everyone.

I could not reach your port - used this command for it: netcat -vnz 6000
should be something like this:

$ netcat -vnz 3001
Connection to 3001 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

Why would I be able to see it as open here but it is closed with that tool?

good suggestion, so just checked it - and it is closed now

What could cause a port to fluctuate between open and closed?

If the node is not 100% synced… the node will keep the port closed to prevent connections … check the port status when the node is 100% synced


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I just ran this a moment ago-

Edit- 3 Minutes later it is closed again

Screenshot from 2021-04-16 00-46-20

please use netcat -vnz 6000 to check that the port is open or not

Netcat shows closed

Right now my biggest concern seems to be the fact that is not running every hour as it should. This happened when I updated the I know there are other problems that will need to be addressed before things actually start to work, but I think needs to be my first fix. Why wouldn’t the crontab run it as it should?

Run crontab -e and see what is listed there. It should show you the listed

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Here is the output, it has the in it twice


You have a double entry there, so you can remove one of those. Your results you mentioned earlier also show it was running on time before (i.e. 22 minutes past the hour). Have you overwritten the lately? Maybe check it has sufficient permissions still.

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I overwrote it yesterday when I updated it. What permissions does it need?