Student Hackathon in Omaha NE - Later Feb!

Good afternoon Cardano gang! I’m Watson, I’m a college student and some ambitious individual seeking out positive and meaningful change around Omaha Nebraska.

I’m building out a Hackathon in Omaha, it does not have a specific or meaningful code stack required for the Hack, however, I’d love to see if Cardano can help facilitate resources and opportunities in the Silicon Prairie! I believe Cardano can have a life changing and sustainably meaningful impact considering the ‘short’ distance from Denver to Omaha! I believe an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, developers and like minded students can collaborate together to build a seriously great project.

I think blockchains can be a HUGE innovator around Omaha and even provide these students great interest in the Cardano community, this is obviously a very complex subject to teach and educate students, however if a mentor, leader, or individual in the team is able to help direct and pave a memorable experience in Omaha, I’d love to work alongside you and this Web3 ecosystem in enabling true individual entrepreneurship while building immensely invaluable projects!

Please Cardano, if you are able to facilitate and help educate students around Omaha by enabling true creativity, this can be a HUGE leap forward in advancing the town towards a blockchain community and thus be a great further foundational ground for development!

Thank you Charles Hoskinson, you’ve motivated me, and countless other individuals in creating meaningful projects and movements towards doing good for others. I hope Pigeon DAO (the main project I am developing) will work further to inclusively enable entrepreneurship through courier delivery protocols on Cardano! Let’s build a relationship!

Thanks again. This event would be around Feb 17th/18th/19th! (The following 3 days after that is my final week for my college and surely will be a nightmare to manage while hosting this hack, but Carpe Diem!), if you are able to connect further, you can text me at 402 237 1026, or, I will be able to work around and with your time to ensure we can get this educational snowball rolling!