Submitapi broken with P2P enabled

Please help us resolving this bug.

It is fixed on master(I tested), or you can build it from patch-cardano-ping-fix tag, I never tested though.

So if you need it urgently fixed either ran master or patch-cardano-ping-fix, not sure what to add more.

I just tried patch-cardano-ping-fix tag and seems that is broken. It is 12+ hours it is not synced and it shows mempool transactions… So seems something not good. First time I see such behavior on my relay.

@weebl2000 pointed out how you can compile 1.34.1 with a specific version of the ouroboros network library:

I use this specific sed command for amending cabal.project when compiling 1.34.1:

sed -i 's/tag: 4fac197b6f0d2ff60dc3486c593b68dc00969fbf/tag: 48ff9f3a9876713e87dc302e567f5747f21ad720/g' cabal.project

I can confirm that when 1.34.1 is compiled with this fix, cardano-cli works while running in P2P mode. I have been running a couple of nodes in P2P mode since 1.34.1 was released without any problems.

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