Successfully passed my PhD Viva voce (Viva) examination

I am pleased to announce on this Great platform that I have successfully passed my Ph.D. Viva voce (Viva) examination.:blush::blush::blush:

The thesis Title is about: “A model for a Shariah-compliant Cryptocurrency Adoption and Perception”
That’s the reason I was not being active in this Forum for the past couple of Months, due to my Ph.D. Viva preparations. now I am totally free I will try my level best to communicate with others and contribute myself to this beautiful family of the Cardano community with my best efforts.

Thanks so much to everyone who has been contributed directly or indirectly to this Ph.D. journey.

Abulfathi Ibrahim




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Well done Abulfathi!

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Congrats! Great to have you here contributing to the community. I’d be intrigued to learn more about your Ph.D thesis

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Thank you Sir!

Very Sure , Thank you Sir!

Thank you Very much Sir!

You’re amazing! What a great and huge accomplishment. :slight_smile:

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My sincere congratulations!


Welldone Ibrahim, if possible could you share you work with the community ?

Thank you.

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Congratulations on passing your PhD examination!

Your absence is completely understandable. I am excited for your present and future success!

Thank you the for update.

Cheers! :partying_face:

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