Suggestion to improve donations

I wonder if a donation on ADA network would be more fruitfull, if you receive an NFT as a proof.
The NFT could range from just showing someone has donated to: amount milestones, number of donations, or targeted to specific countries, locations or projects.

The potential for companies in developed countries could use it’s authentity (stored in the blockchain) in promoting/markeing of their company, and close to 100% of the donation goes to the project and not sourced other-ways.

As things are now a lot of charity donations goes to “stakeholders” IE. expenses like salary, marketing, tv-production and so on.
Using the co-operation of Cardano and partners (Save the Children & COTI as example), the money flows much cheaper, faster and secure, and charity actually goes where it’s needed!

To polish the 1st world ego, they will receive an NFT only optainable by donation as mentioned earlier.

The project needs to be verified somehow to end the circle, it could be a real world picture of the project, actually being the NFT.

The way staking-donations work now, maybe it’s possible to set a certain percentage to donations ranging from 1% to 100% like a “set and forget” option.

Just a thought during the live stream :slight_smile:

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