Suggestions on djed and shen operation fee

Can other teams create their own front-end UI in the future, docked to djed and shen’s mint, each team can define their own operation fee,this can compete with coti.

This is the answer I got from the coti group:
"If they create another front end, yes that is possible but we will still receive operational fees and pool will receive minting and burning fees. That cant be changed and they will be mere front end providers(like wallets provide mere front ends for blockchain usage but cannot change its dynamics and mechanism)

If they completely hard fork it, that will be possible too since Djed will be open source but then it will not be same Djed. It will not have the same adoption, exposure and management.

Its like forking bitcoin to create your own blockchain but it will not be bitcoin in itself"

I do not discuss hard fork djed.
I would like to make a change in the djed contract to make the operation fee settable and send it to the front-end ui manager’s wallet.

Considering the existence of a commercial contract between iog and coti, this could involve significant benefits. This option is unlikely
It is recommended that the community fork djed and run a community version of djed. :grinning:

Hello @zhangjavaxiang

If it’s really going to be fully open source, you don’t need to fork it. Just rewrite, rename and deploy. I’m sure if it becomes successful there will be a " $PILLAR and $GUARDIAN" versions of it popping out all over the place.

Then you do discuss hard forking Djed!

Maybe, you do not have to fork the software (in the sense of significantly altering it), but you do have to fork the economic system to manage the operational fees differently. And your forked system will start with a zero reserve.

So is the policy id of this community version of djed and the coti version of djed the same?

I was hoping iog would consider many teams operating djed when designing the smart contract (each team sets their own operation fee), not just the one operating team of coti

I hope not!

It would be a huge security issue if anybody could set up from the open source and mint their own DJED and SHEN indistinguishable from COTI’s.

A “community” Djed also has to make that sure for their system. The stable and reserve coins have to belong to exactly one reserve against which they are a claim. And only the contract of that reserve can be allowed to mint and burn them against ADA in that reserve.

It could be build such that there are no operational fees on the contract level. Then, anybody could interact with it using hand-crafted transactions without operational fees, but many different frontends could also be written adding their own small operational fees (that people might be willing to pay to save the hassle).

But as said: Such a community Djed does not have access to the reserves of COTI’s Djed. It has to do its own marketing and won’t make that much sense without a lot of adoption.


Wa, this is my ideal djed, thank you for interpreting it.

If coti can’t lead djed well to victory, the community will step in to solve everything, believe in the power of the community, by then I believe there are many technical teams interested.