Summary: Cardano Effect Podcast with David Esser

Episode 30 - Shelley Testnet and Roadmap release dates with David Esser

David Esser, Senior Product Manager of Cardano, joined the Cardano Effect podcast in an episode where he talked about:

• His background, how he came to IOHK and how he collaborates with the rest of the Cardano project team
• Some insights on the development processes used within the project
• How IOHK’s research and formal methods approach gets translated into real code
• The different development eras of Cardano from Byron to Basho, and how these fit together
• How Atala fits into the story

David also shared the news that the first staking testnet is coming in June - starting with a small, closed pool of trusted stake pool operators. This will be a minimum viable product as the first iteration and we’ll be adding out more functionality and more operators over the next 3-4 months. The Cardano Effect hosts on the podcast also point to the Best Practices stakepool channel on Telegram as a place to go to get more involved.