Summary of answers from dc and Peter to various questions about Liqwid

Latest info

Some information is outdated. It is not comprehensive. I would be happy if you could refer to it.I’m a non-English speaker, so please excuse my strange English



:white_check_mark:When LQ reward & aquafarmers ? → Very soon Discord

:white_check_mark:The reward calculator will come first as soon as possible. Discord

:white_check_mark: LiqwidVC didn’t make a short-term bulk sale. Discord

:white_check_mark: Non-core team (Liqwid Labs developers and co-founders) didn’t receive 50k LQ before Discord

:white_check_mark:Core-team will not sell LQ until governance and LQ rewards are activated. Discord

:white_check_mark:The Core Team has the right to sell LQs purchased for ADA from the open market.
Multiple team members purchased LQ on the open market during the initial yield farming on SundaeSwap and Minswap
Some of that LQ was later sold, again this is not core team LQ allocations, these are tokens that were purchased specifically for providing liquidity and yield farming on those DEXs over a year ago Discord Discord

:white_check_mark:We haven’t received the LQ rewards yet, but are the LQ rewards still accruing and are their calculators and distribution systems under development. Discord

:white_check_mark:LQ rewards may now be claimable once per day. Discord

:white_check_mark:ADA and DJED are eligible for LQ rewards and are calculated retroactively. Discord

:white_check_mark:Agora&LQ Rewards will take precedence over SHEN’s listing. Discord

:white_check_mark:After LQ staking on Agora , rewards will be distributed Discord

:white_check_mark:You have 10000ADA. Then, Supply 5000ADA, receive 5000qADA, collateralize 2000qADA and borrow 1000ADA. ⇨ The LQ reward will be determined based on “1000ADA” on the borrowing side and “5000ADA” on the supply side.
・there’s the 50/50 split between lenders and borrowers for 4 years
・Also there’s a governance configurable multiplier applied that can be used to adjust reward amounts if excessive wash borrowing is observed Discord Discord

:white_check_mark:Allocation of LQ rewards to ADA and DJED will be proportionate to interest. Discord

:white_check_mark:qAda exchange rate only increases Discord


:white_check_mark:Liqwid has hired two more front-end engineers. Discord

:white_check_mark: Of the ADA supplied, borrowed ADA will generate APY displayed in the UI, and unborrowed ADA will generate staking rewards with a pool of 16 not displayed in the UI.
In other words, the APY displayed on the UI does not include staking rewards. Discord


:white_check_mark:Q What is the reason for Liqwid stoped right after starting? → A A detailed analysis will be published later. Discord

:white_check_mark:Q Why did Liqwid stop working temporarily on February 23rd? → A Mismatch between oracles other than ADA and off-chain code. Discord


:white_check_mark:How many developers does Liqwid have? → A lot. Discord

:white_check_mark: Liquidation bonuses documented (e.g. ADA - 10%) Discord

:white_check_mark:In a future update, it is planned to be able to “change only the collateral amount”. Discord

:white_check_mark:if they had a redemption pool we would list iUSD as soon as the community vote passed Discord

:white_check_mark:We do not promise a specific implementation date. Discord

Peter (MLabs) ( March only)

:white_check_mark:Progress on LQ staking implementation:A few weeks are needed. Specification almost complete ⇨ final checks and then testing ⇨ reflected in spreadsheet and checked ⇨ connected to SundeaSwap ⇨ reflected in front end. Discord Discord

:white_check_mark:The current top priorities are Agora and LQ rewards
Reward calculators are initially spreadsheets, then more user-friendly.(It is our goal to review the internal version of the spreadsheet by the end of this week.) Discord Discord Discord

:white_check_mark:LQ rewards are received in the form of a claim rather than an airdrop. Discord

:white_check_mark:Even if the borrowing is repaid, the LQ Reward will still accrue for the period during which the borrowing was taken out. Discord

:white_check_mark:Although it was mentioned that it would be ideal to launch when all the features were in place, it was decided to launch the minimum number of features. Discord

:white_check_mark:LQ Staking + Agora is supported by a number of technologies and audits. For more information, see link. Discord Discord

:white_check_mark:The order of release on mainnet will be [LQ staking → LQ rewards → Proposals and Voting]
Distribution cycles can be less than one month, but there are trade-offs. Discord

:white_check_mark:DC and Peter meet every week to discuss Discord

:white_check_mark:A lot of testing and development is needed and it is really only at the end of the process that implementation dates can be clearly predicted. See link for detailed reasons. Discord

:white_check_mark:UI issues will not lead to liquidations or any other change in behavior in the smart contracts. Discord

:white_check_mark:Currently, LQ does not generate staking rewards. Discord