No rewards after 23rd of augus


Did anybody got any rewards after 23rd of August?

Maybe I chose bad pools, because I dont see any rewards?

Yes people have gotten rewards. For help you’d need to tell us which pools and when you delegated to them.


I have delegated to cema1.
I have delegated at first days of August. Strage how they did not create anything

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Sorry bud, your pool didn’t make any blocks yet so no reward. They have great pledge and stake numbers. I’d stick it out another epoch or three.

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I delegated to SWIM in epoch 211, no rewards reported in my Yoroi wallet today. Not sure what the deal is. Any help would be appreciated.

You would have had to delegate in 210 to get rewards already. There are various threads in the forum and videos on Youtube on how this works.

Thanks, I thought the rewards were only one Epoch behind the current, now I know.

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after 28th of August still no rewards. I delegated to clio1 pool on 24th of August.
They procdused blocks but I did not recieve anything.

Oh I see my delegation only will work from 215 epoch. So if you choose wrong pool you miss at least 10 epochs

Not sure exactly what you mean by that (wrong pool?), but 10 epochs? That’s wrong whatever you meant! See this explanation:

I delegated to cema1 before 23rd of August, than after than I redelegated to other pool clio, but still after 28th of august no rewards, so as I see in my deadalus wallet I will recieve these rewards he only from 215 epoch, which means another 5 days later I will need to wait.

Hi Tadcryp, how are you, I hope you’re well. I am Daniel from Centimani stakepool. Just to let you know that we were very unlucky in the first epochs, but now we made 6 blocks in one epoch, you will get your rewards at the start of epoch 216. I hope you are still with us, our pool has extremely high reliability, 99.99% uptime. We are confident you will make a lot of ADA with us in the future. In any case, thank you for trusting us. Best of luck to you and your family. Cheers.

this is you in the pic you use for the forum? :slight_smile:

Hi TadCryp, no it’s luckily not me, hihihi, but it’s a funny picture though, it’s a random person.