Summary of CIP : Cardano Improvement Proposals

[Created by MattoH]

We created a CIP overview list based on what was adopted at Catalyst.
The CIP is Cardano’s most important document, but no overview has been compiled. So you have to read very long sentences just to know what they are talking about.
Therefore, I created it to increase the chances of people casually becoming interested in CIP!

Please let me know if you have any corrections for misleading expressions and English nuances.

Below is just a summary. Check the spreadsheet above for details.

# Title Status Overview
1 CIP process Active Explanation of what a CIP is, how the CIP process works, and how users can propose, discuss, and structure a CIP
2 Coin Selection Algorithms for Cardano Active Process for selecting unspent coins from the wallet for transfer to the payee.
3 Wallet key generation Active Definition of Wallet Key Generation Algorithm
5 Common Bech32 Prefixes Active Definition of common prefixes for binary data used throughout the Cardano ecosystem
7 Curve Pledge Benefit Proposed Proposal to change the stake pool’s current compensation formula
9 Protocol Parameters Active Provide a record of the initial protocol parameter settings from the Shelley era and any changes made to date.
10 Transaction Metadata Label Registry Active Cardano’s Transaction Metadata Assignment Number Matters
11 Staking key chain for HD wallets Active Matters related to support for both UTxO and account models of transactions from the same master key
14 User-Facing Asset Fingerprint Active Matters related to asset fingerprinting for users
15 Catalyst Registration Transaction Metadata Format Active Description of the transaction format of the treasury system
16 Cryptographic Key Serialisation Formats Active Definition of the serialization format for cryptographic keys in the Cardano ecosystem
17 Cardano Delegation Portfolio Active Description of formats for sharing delegation portfolios in different tools and wallets
19 Cardano Addresses Active Documentation of address design for posterity
20 Transaction message/comment metadata Active Definition of metadata for messages and comments to be added to the transaction
22 Pool operator verification Active Description of how to verify that the stake pool operator is the legitimate manager of the pool
25 Media NFT Metadata Standard Active Definition of media NFT metadata standards in native tokens
28 Protocol Parameters (Alonzo) Active Description of new protocol parameters introduced after Alonzo
29 Phase-1 Monetary Scripts Serialization Formats Active Description of how to serialize native scripts into various formats
31 Reference Inputs Active Explanation of how to access information stored in the blockchain without consuming UTxO
32 Inline Datums Active Explanation of how to attach datum to output instead of hash
33 Reference Scripts Active Explanation of the ability to reference scripts without including them in each transaction
35 Plutus Core Evolution Active Proposal for a simple process for CIP proposals to modify Plutus Core and ledger interfaces.
36 Catalyst/Voltaire Registration Transaction Metadata Format Proposed Catalyst Registration Transaction Format Description
*Revised version of CIP-0015
37 Dynamic Saturation Based on Pledge Proposed Matters related to pledges and saturation relevance for sustainable stake pool operations
40 Collateral Output Active Description of adding a new output type collateral output to the transaction
42 New Plutus Builtin: serialiseBuiltinData Active Description of the new Plutus built-in additions
52 Cardano Audit Best Practice Guidelines Proposed Matters related to facilitating the auditing process of DApps on Cardano
55 Babbage Era’s coinsPerUTxOByte Proposed Matters relating to the introduction of changes in protocol parameters in the Babbage era (proposed extension of CIP-0028)
59 Terminology Surrounding Core Features Active Definitions for terms surrounding core functions
60 Music Token Metadata Proposed Definition of token metadata specific to music tokens (proposed extension to CIP-0025)
68 Datum Metadata Standard Proposed Define metadata standards for native assets using output datum
381 Plutus Support for Pairings Over BLS12-381 Proposed Page Not Found
1852 HD (Hierarchy for Deterministic) Wallets for Cardano Active Definition of how Shelley era wallets should derive keys
1853 HD (Hierarchy for Deterministic) Stake Pool Cold Keys for Cardano Active Provisions on how to derive cold keys for stake pools
1855 Forging policy keys for HD Wallets Active Explanation of how to derive the policy key used to generate the token