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The Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) program provides a formal foothold for your Cardano ideas in a public, open, transparent manner.
There are currently 30 CIPs (as of 2021-11-01), touching to things like fairer min fees proposals, how to construct and sign messages, and many other aspects - often documenting core aspects of Cardano, while also formalizing proposals from community individuals desiring to change things.
We hold biweekly public meetings - and invite you to join and discuss the latest conversations - The CIP program acts as a formalizing framework for ideas: If you want to propose changes, if you’re looking for documented public knowledge, or want to explore the ongoing Cardano conversations - come explore!

CIP Editors meeting #32 highlights (notes)
Merged CIP-0029: β€œPhase-1 Monetary Scripts Serialization Formats” // it proposes a serialization of native scripts to varied formats
PR88 - β€œDApp Connector” (tentative CIP-0030) β†’ Triage / minor tweaks to merge
PR116 - β€œStandardization of royalties” (tentative CIP-0027) β†’ Triage / minor tweaks to merge
PR112 - β€œOff-Chain Metadata” (tentative CIP-0026) β†’ β€˜Last Check’ / to be merged shortly

The Cardano Improvement Proposal Editors meetings are PUBLIC and Recorded.
=> Be a part of the conversations on Github + Register for the biweekly meetings on crowdcast.

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Read the latest Meeting notes if you cannot attend the meetings - so you can skim the conversations relevant to you!

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