Surprise! Surprise! Daedalus 4.0.5 Won't Sync

I also have this problem and have been trying to sync my wallet for a month now, when I get a better internet connection(hopefully today) I will delete the wallet and try reinstalling it. this process usually takes 6 hours here in Brisbane, Australia so I would like to make sure I do not have any interruption while I am downloading. Then I have 3 wallets to add this is the nightmare of Daedalus so I am not impressed with this happening now after a year of using this wallet and never having any problems, why now? Surely the tech guys would have ironed out all these problems by now, how is this going to go with Africa coming onboard and millions of more users, I am not tech savvy so the easier the product is to use the better. I do not want to switch to Yoroi, I am running Daedalus Mainnet on Windows because I would like to say I trust the blockchain sync process.

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Totally agree, Iā€™ve decided to keep my coins on Coinbase, they are insured against hacking and Iā€™ve lost too many coins and had too many problems with cold storage wallets. I have awesome internet here in the US and I still had issues

1- Daedalus 4.0.5 crashed right during the change between epoch 262 and 263. For 2 seconds all pools reverted to the old pools and crashed. When recovered from the crash now shows all epochs with the new pools, butā€¦ Yoroi do have a different information: epoch 263 is with an old pool, and epoch 264 and 265 are with the new pool. So I am not sure where my funds are delegated in the current epoch 263. Thats very serious, I think.
2- Also the time and energy (CPU 35%) that Daedalus takes to startup every single time in order to sync - does not look right regarding Cardano philosophy of safety, reliability and short eco footprints - Daedalus does not look a good piece of software.

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@tefera how come a software that crashes on startup, or during the change of epochs, is like using it for a wrong purposeā€¦?! I just want to try it and I am doing the 6th total installation of this software. And I still dont know where did I delegated my funds in the 263 epoch, because Yoroi and Deadalus are giving me different informationsā€¦??? I have a short hardware laptop but still I am able to do video editing with it - on Adobe Premiere CS6. This makes me remember my first years with Linux, when I had to contact a Linux Guru in order to install a printerā€¦

So in Linux case you can extend topology.yaml file as suggested above: Surprise! Surprise! Daedalus 4.0.5 Won't Sync - #18 by laplasz

the directory of the topology.yaml can be found in daedalus installation folder:
or just search for that file: find /home/user/.daedalus -name "topology.yaml"