Swap tanaaction and datum

I was looking at the transaction created when initiating a swap on the sundaeswap testnet and it looks like a normal Tx to a smart contract address. Where in the transaction is defined for example what my desired slippage is? This information should be in the datum I suppose, but where can I view this information?

I have no experience with SundeaSwap, but with normal transactions.
You should add the datum itself into the locking transaction (as embedded datum e.g. --tx-out-datum-embed-{file/value}...) , means SundeaSwap and/or everybody else would find the datum on-chain through ChainIndex, DB-Sync and/or any other native/3rd party tools they use.

You create the datum, and you should put the slippage into that datum too, though I do not know the datum format for a book order.

The there is a new CIP proposal for having inline datum (in UTxO itself) instead of hash (Though, I have no clue why they’ve opted-out this in the first place).


I also wondered about the datum, I guess this way the size can be more or less arbitrary without bloating ledger size. Same goes for the validator script, but now we will get reference scripts.

Anyway, thanks for answering, I guess my main question was if I can see the datum with any of the explorer tools. But the way you describe it, it sound like you need to run a node to use those tools.

BTW, are you active on Twitter as well? I’ve noticed that many of the discussions have moved from reddit and the forum to Twitter and Twitter spaces.

Nope, I do not have any Twitter, Insta, Snap and FB account and am not really active here too anymore. Though, occasionally I pop in here as you can see.

Are you working on anything cardano related?

No, I am not. I just follow and analyse others’ works.