Symphony of block

Has anyone noticed the awesome new changes to the IOHK website?!


Wow, that’s beautiful.

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I see many complaining the web page is too resource intensive bla bla bla. I think the web page is great and also if it is such a big problem there could be an alternative layout version that is less resource intensive for those in need of that.

The butterfly maybe is ok - however, the mouse-driven light reminds me a lot first Javascript experiments from the 90s …

There are few templates there, you can switch between them using the key on the bottom. It’s nice to be able to visualize the blockchain.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had completely missed the eye icon - was too focused on the light.

So I vote for the distributed system globe, maybe it’s more traditional but remains something everybody can understand.

Big fan of the butterfly, it really captures the ethos of iohk. Cascading disruption, amazing design. :slight_smile:


First of all I noticed my ventilator rev up to frequencies I don’t like. Nice kind of art but I prefer websites to be as simple as possible.

Maybe an upgrade is in order :thinking: