Symphony for ADA

Ok, I have been involved in the forum conversations for just over 2 years - just - and I just started wondering something tonight after considering the development I have observed over that time - Cardano does not have developers working on a visualization of the blockchain like the Symphony of Blochains team does (unless hopefully they are doing it in secret), Would it not be very awesome to have such an interactive program for us to utilize in our social media to pinpoint a time we first bought ADA or used it in some way? Any Devs out there willing to tackle such a project as a hobby? I hope so as I might like to see such a program for the Cardano protocol - that would be so sweet!

I don’t know this and this is pure speculation but I guess that Symphony of Blockchain was made in such a way that it allows later “simply” to plug it into other blockchains, in particular, UTXO based ones. (like Cardano)

To make it all look good you need a critical mass of transactions and I’m not sure if Cardano has enough at the moment.

I definitely love the videos and I’m looking forward to the day when we can fly between visualized stake pools seeing all the transactions and what not :star_struck:

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The transactions… What about reward transactions in jorg? That would be neat to see, are jorg rewards on the ITN UTXO based?

Reward “transactions” are not reflected on the blockchain itself. They are calculated by the ledger rules and reflected in a state.

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Anyone here read William Gibson? His stories are literally coming to life before our eyes.