Ten Truths and a Call to Action

Ten Truths, and a call to action.

Since this whole thing is fundamentally about Truth, let’s start there. Of course this will only be my version of Truth, but maybe it’ll be close enough to your version that we can call it true between us. What you do or not do from there is your choice to make.

Truth # 1: No one knows what the fuck to believe anymore.

The only people I trust are the people I call my friends. That’s why they’re my friends. Pretty much everyone else, forget about it.

Truth # 2: The United States is 22 trillion dollars in debt.

Of it’s own dollars. Hm.

Truth # 3: The World is 247 trillion dollars in debt.

Now who could the world be indebted to? The sun? I think it’s a bank on the dark side of the moon (possibly half true). How do I know the figures in 2 and 3 are true? Refer to Truth # 1.

Truth # 4: The system is fucked (and about to become exponentially moreso).

Pretty much all of it, but especially the financial system.

Truth # 5: I’m sick of this shit.

And ready to resist.

Truth # 6: I want to help others get out of this shit.

The only way I see out of it is through the path of Truth.

Truth # 7: Blockchain is a system fundamentally built on Truth.

Truth # 8: I trust Charles Hoskinson.

I just do. Watch half a dozen videos of the man and you will too.

Truth # 9: Cardano is the best blockchain project on the planet.

Truth # 10: If people don’t participate it’s gonna be the same old same old.

Now the point here isn’t about trying to change each other’s minds about anything, it’s about finding like-minded people - people who feel the urge to DO SOMETHING to spread the Cardano gospel - and organizing an army to engage in a powerful guerrilla marketing campaign. The doing part of this campaign would cost between 5 and 20 $ per person and take just a few minutes per day. This one specifically designed action is so simple to do, and so engaging.

This is outside the box stuff. Think “Fight Club” meets Banksy (“Exit Through The Gift Shop”). A great project needs a strong, loyal community. The most effective way to build such a community is by putting boots on the ground. The first rule of The Evolution is that you talk about The Evolution.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the movement taking place in NYC right now, DM me.


Sounds rili interesting!!!

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