TerraVirtua Cardano Summit NFT redemption problems

Has anyone else had problems registering at Terravirua to redeem the collectibles? the registration emails don’t seem to be going through and the contact support page seems to have a bug with its captcha, making it impossible to report the problem there.

Nevermind. The emails eventually arrived. Their servers must have been overwhelmed.

Hi, I registered yesterday and put my redemption codes, the process finished ok but I don’t have any NFT. I don’t have any transactions either and redemption codes can’t be reused. Do you received your NFTs?

Me too, maybe it takes more time, we’ll have to wait

I haven’t either. But the site did say that it could take 7 days.

Still nothing for me after 6 days

same here. Just redeemed them today though… (there is nothing showing in their ‘transaction’ tab) I did not read on the website that it could take 7 days. It would be nice to know if anyone received theirs…

It’s being more than 10 days now and still nothing. Anyone got anything?

It’s been more than 2 weeks for me, still nothing. Can’t see anything under the Transactions tab as well.

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Regarding your query, the Cardano summit redeemable NFTs are being worked on and you will be able to see your item in your Terra Virtua inventory by 10th November 2021.

After it has been added to your inventory, you will be able to view your NFT in the Terra Virtua ecosystem i.e. Fan Cave, Terra Dome and The Terra Virtua AR app.

We would highly appreciate your patience during this time, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,
The Terra Virtua Team

this is what they said boys just a bit more


Hi, I am still trying to mint mine! Can you believe it? Need help man.

The NFTs are listed in the Virtua platform but they simply froze the minting.
A lot like trad finance, and nothing like the descentralized world we pledge, this Virtua platform does not alllow me to withdraw. Absurd.

What can I do?