Hello from croatia!


hi from croatia! im here for long ride…


Me too. Lijepo je srest nekoga iz HR. Pozdrav


Welcome @bukac @naxkax :slight_smile:


hahah pozz


I’m from Croatia too!
Can you help me please with one dilemma - I plan to put some money in Cardano as a long term investment, as a matter of fact, I’ve already bought some and plan to buy more (as soon as price calm down again) - but there is one problem - I suppose what are we able to buy right now are only futures? I think real product is far from being finished. Do you know - will someone who owns xy ADA tokens right now automatically receive xy real coins one day (or exchange them on 1:1 basis)? Otherwise accumulating them now wouldn’t make much sense. Thanks.


Hi @bukac , welcome to Cardano :cardano: