Test suite

Hi guys,

Wanted to ask how in plutus write assert condition if certain error was thrown.
Currently I have testInvalidRedeemer that checks that wallet 1 locked funds and wallet 2 using wrong redeemer was unable to unlock funds.
I was able to check that wallet 1 outputs were changed and wallet 2 not.
This is the test:

testInvalidRedeemer :: TestTree
testInvalidRedeemer = checkPredicateOptions
    (defaultCheckOptions & emulatorConfig .~ emCfg)
    "give and grab invalid redeemer"
    (     walletFundsChange (wallets !! 1) (Ada.lovelaceValueOf  (- 5_000_000))
     .&&. walletFundsChange (wallets !! 2) (Ada.lovelaceValueOf 0_000_000)
        v :: Value
        v = Ada.lovelaceValueOf 10_000_000
        owMap :: Map.Map Wallet Value
        owMap = Map.fromList $ (,v) <$> tail wallets
        emCfg :: EmulatorConfig
        emCfg = EmulatorConfig (Left owMap) def def

However in logs I see this logs message
In logs I can see Slot 00002: *** CONTRACT STOPPED WITH ERROR: ““WalletError (ValidationError (ScriptFailure (EvaluationError [“Wrong value for redeemer”,“PT5”] “CekEvaluationFailure”)))””

and wanted to know if I can somehow from plutus access this error and assert that EvaluationError was “Wrong value for redeemer”?