Testnet coldstaking rewards?

Q1.what are the rewards on testnet??
Q2.how the rewards will be calculated
Q3.dont want to put my 12words on testnet
Q4.on mainnet will i have my wallet like have now.
I am just waiting for shelly mainnet staking
Not making any moves to testnet mainnet is all i want🤔

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Q1 As for the rewards I think it hugely depends on how many people participate and number of pools and the performance of the pools, i don´t know if IOHK published any exact numbers??

Q2 Generally the reward depends on the percentage of your stake (amount of your ADA) to total participating stake (total ADA staking).
When you don´t run a pool and just delegate the voting power of your ADA to some pool,
the reward will also depend on the performance of the pool. The performance is calculated from their % on-line time, how much ADA they (pledged) got delegated from other ppl and probably some incentives/ game-theory stuff. (some form of hard-cap to the max amount of ADA which is beneficial to a stake pools voting power to boost decentralization because very big pools are less profitable).

Not everyone has to participate in the incentivized test-net if they don´t want to expose the keys to an Internet connected device. I don´t know if there is some method for cold-staking on the testnet as most hardware wallets wont support testnet and so on.

Q4 When shelley comes on mainnet you will have to do some sort of update of your UTXO´s to an account style model where accounts (and sub-accounts?) are linked to certain UTXOs so I think in the early days of the release only daedalus/Yoroi will be supported so to get rewards from the beginning I would use one of them. I sadly don´t know about ledger and other wallets.

Thanks mate good info👍

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Watch “The Cardano Effect” on Youtube! they have great infos and good guests/talks. Thats where I get my News from^^ They are also on a plethora of other streaming channels.

Thank u
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