Testnet pool operator == Ambassador

Hello all,

I would like to start a brain storming session to find ways to keep the testnet alive.
E.g the CF could recognize pool operators who volunteer their time and resources to keep the TN alive as ambassadors.

Other alternative is to make investors of those tAda holders who are willing to participate on the TN, thus tAda could serve a treasure and we’ll effectively have our own on chain economy.

What do you think?

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respect the vote, kill it for now and move on.

I think your idea about CF (Cardano foundation) rewarding those who keep running the ITN nodes is a very good idea, that way no money is taken from the future ada monetary pool (which I believe was the main problem the naysayers had about continuing ITN).

The vote said Yes.

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I was for maintaining it.
But the rules were clear, and not fulfilled. You cannot ask the foundation to go against those rules
More generally, this just opens things to a lot of noise, this is not the time for it.

The rules were arbitrary, no? Where did 2/3 of the vote even come from, if that is what was required.

The vote was a clear yes for those that voted, and there have been many asking since how they can vote. Which makes the vote almost null and void in my opinion.

I see your point, but I think it would be a positive thing for CF to reward those stakepools that continue running nodes despite not having rewards for it. (I’m not a stake pool operator by the way)

Just curious, where did you see the official results of the vote?

The Stakepools owners have already votes to keep the ITN alive. Pay them their rewards as long as needed to bring out Voltaire and do a proper voting fro the delegators. Explain clearly what the ITN can do in real life world and why it is an advantage to keep it alive, what the costs will be and what the rewards for joining