The Cardano Foundation strengthens its Council with two new Members

Your idea are good

I think you may have missed the point here. Why would, at this stage the CF bring in outside leadership with no/little experience of Cardano, its ecosystem and the projects needs moving forward into a high-level role during this time when we’ll see the Foundation take custody of the project?

I couldn’t think of anyone better to place into these roles right now than Tamara and Nico. Both bring a fantastic amount of experience, knowledge, passion and drive into the role.

IOHK and Emurgo are part of the ecosystem too, with custody transferring over to the CF soon surely you would want to have both these entities involved in that process as well as being represented on the council?

I also personally wouldn’t want members from outside the ecosystem being added to the council at this delicate stage.

As mentioned in these comments above, this is part of a bigger picture plan to help Cardano succeed. This does not mean that the council will stay at this current size, I’m sure at a future stage when the time is right, more members will be appointed.

If anything the past year has shown the new foundation rise from the ashes from where it was with the past history to where it has come. I couldn’t be more excited and proud to be a part of the ecosystem today. This ‘new’ foundation has all come from the leadership and top quality individuals (that we have both had the pleasure to meet) that put their blood sweat and tears into making it what it is today, and tbh I for one couldn’t be happier.

Also saying that the CF is run by IOHK/Emurgo is simply not true… There are plenty of community members that have been promoted into the foundation, upon which we have seen the community move forward leaps and bounds.

As an Ambassador you have first hand experience with the Foundation and it seems a bit confusing and it deeply saddens me to see that you have drawn these conclusions that this is not a step forward in the right direction for the ecosystem and the Foundation.


I think I read @The_Cryptoviser comments differently to you.

I read “great to see these people added to the council, but what about some additional diversified representation”. Having some of the community members become employed by the CF is great, but they are not on the council to influence decisions being made at that level. I also didn’t see there being a suggestion for someone outside of the Cardano community.

If a council vote was being done today, the result may not be dissimilar to just IOHK and Emurgo making that decision between them. There is no escaping that as a fact. The question is really whether that is how we (the community) want the CF to be structured.

Anyway, welcome @Tamara_Haasen and Nicolás. You guys have been thrown in at the deep end, with comments like those on this thread something you will now have to deal with as CF council members. Good luck :blush:

Charles had addressed these concerns in his recent video about the addition of new council members.

At this stage, they are there to help with the transfer of custody of Cardano back over to the CF. While they are in this role they can also ‘add value’ with their expertise. Once this phase is over, then of course the council will add new members of which will be from the community. But for this stage during the transfer, you need council members that have ‘hands on experience’ with the ins and outs of the project to keep the process smooth and without hinderance, again Nico and Tamara are the people to help with that. More so than a community member who wouldn’t have that hands on experience working inside the project. Which would mean that such community member would have to spend weeks/months familiarising with the internals of the project, building new relationships with people within the three entities and so on.

So therefore having a community member join the council at this stage, would either mean that the process would take longer due to some of the reasons I listed, or would continue without maximised input from said council member. Which at this stage would cost time and money to the project and wouldn’t maximise efficiency. But these are a handful of reasons why a community member hasn’t been added to the council YET. Charles also gives a few reasons why in his video.

I personally don’t see why at this stage, the community NEEDS a community member(s) elected to the council, to what purpose does having a community member on the council affect us (at this stage of development) within the community only than the purpose of being able to say “yes we have a community member(s) on the council” which is just a tick within a box at this point. It doesn’t really add value at this stage.

Later on yes, I agree that we should be represented to a large extent with community member on the Council. But as we’ve already seen this is what is going to happen. So why the big deal over the announcement in this regard. I certainly don’t think that it’s causing the CF to become centralised by any stretch of the imagination.

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Sorry mate, I’m not really following you here.

You are saying we don’t need community on the council now for some reason, but it isn’t clear what the reason is. Yet, you think we should have community on the council in the future, but don’t really explain how they can add value then, especially if they can’t add it now.

Just to be clear if @The_Cryptoviser is of the same view as me, we don’t think the 2 appointees shouldn’t be on the council.

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Again not what I said…

I’m not open to discussion if you are going to twist my words. They are there for everyone to read.

You may want to take a watch of Charles video about how these council appointments pertain to the future of the CF: Here

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I’m definitely not trying to twist your words, so I am sorry if you feel like that is what I am doing. I am just trying to understand your position of suggesting this isn’t something people should express concern over, Ambassadors or otherwise.

I had watched the video that Charles put out and still hold my view that there could be community representation on the Foundation council even now (along with the new appointees). I’m not the kind of person who feels I can’t disagree with Charles just because of who he is. But then he encourages that anyway.

“If you guys have a difference of opinion I understand…the Foundation was intended to be a sponge for criticism…when you see things that aren’t right or you have concerns be vocal about them”

I personally think the community should be represented on the council too. I just see no need for it at this point in time. Once we are further along with development then yes, I too would like to see the community more represented, which is the plan…

I’m not trying to discredit your opinion, I very much respect it and the discussion here. It’s also good that it is voiced. However again my issue is not with the view that community members should be represented on the council, rather its what I have outlined my in the other thread

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