The Cardano Passport - a single, secure online blockchain based identity

The Cardano Passport:

A single, secure online identity leveraging the power, research and security of the Cardano Blockchain.

Problem Statement:

As the internet has grown and the world has experienced and explosion of online platforms; social, consumer and enterprise, the necessity of online identities and the subsequent need for security has out-scaled the ability of any one protocol to manage. Users are left with a myriad of usernames and passwords, with growing complexity requirements to manage, in an environment of ever increasing identity theft and fraud.


In my excitement to join the Cardano network and become an owner of Ada currency, I embarked on an electronic voyage around the internet encountering traders, sellers, wallets, buying passwords, security phrases, identity confirmations and more passwords to manage my crypto-finance aspirations. At the end of the journey, having staked my Ada with Daedelus, I wondered: ‘Why can’t I have one personal, secure, blockchain based ID to use as a universal login ? Surely if the technology can be trusted to protect billions of coins and financial transactions, it can be trusted to secure my identity.’


  • Universal Login API:

    • ‘log in with Cardano passport (CP)’ – Websites, social media, credit card transactions
    • CP Enterprise
      • Support enterprise platforms – 0365, Salesforce etc
      • Support Education Institutions
      • Support Vehicle unlock using smartphone (future roadmap?)
  • Personal Identity Management

    • Persistent dashboard management across Desktop and mobile clients, leveraging Cardano’s
      Historical transactions research

      • Dashboard built into Daedelus desktop client showing:

        • Persistent logins
        • Login attempts
        • historical logins
        • Support a fixed number of aliases (to support CP Enterprise)
      • Daedalus App linked to Daedalus desktop client supporting multi-factor authentication and
        biometric confirmations (face, fingerprint) ‘there has been a log in attempt…’ alerts etc

  • Corporate Identity Management

    • Handshake between Daedalus Desktop/Mobile and CP Enterprise
      • Users can create corporate alias to align with corporate image
      • Protocol supports mutual de-coupling of ID on organizational exit
  • Benefits to Cardano

    • If we can create a defacto internet passport and prove its reliability and security and the project
      gains traction, users would have another reason to enter the ecosystem, building even more
      ‘layman’ faith in blockchain and its reliability and security and bringing users to the Cardano/Ada
  • Opinion:

I work in technology sales and have see the other side of the door; what corporations promise vs how it is delivered on the backend. ‘best in class’ and ‘best practice’ are nothing more than bullet points in a slide deck.

So, I would never trust any one of the myriad of corporations offering ‘identity protection’ products simply because I’d have zero faith in their security processes and protocols supposedly protecting my identity.

Having seen the evolution of blockchain technology, I would 100% use a crypto passport if we could create such a system.

  • Notes:

Like many here, I have a day job and bills, so please bear with me as I will try to check the forums during the day for any feedback, but definitely check in every night for any feedback and discussion should members feel it’s an idea worth pursuing and developing.


I would think combining forces with this project (Linked above) would be a good idea as it is similarly interested in providing people with identification except with a target of people without ID. I believe these are both great ideas and using the blockchain is the best solution to this problem.


Hello @Reynaldo_H, welcome to the forum!

I think it could also be useful to look at the following link. It may help you.

Atala Prims

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I highly suggest you for digging a little-bit deep into the Self Sovereign Identity researches.
Start with this book, a lot of its chapters are free, as it seems to me you’re trying to force the legacy systems’ failed solutions to the blockhain.


Thanks napoles, it’s like I learned a long time ago, when you think you have a good Idea, have a good look around, chances are someone else thought the same and implemented it too :slight_smile:

I’ll look into the project, and continue delving into the Cardano ecosystem.

Hello @Reynaldo_H

Your idea is brilliant and you presented it very well. This makes me sure that another (perhaps even more great) will come up with you.

Successes for the future.


@Reynaldo_H ,

We should talk. Funny enough I had this exact idea yesterday after I got a call from a SSN spammer. Specifically NFTs can have some brilliant functionalities within this field.