The Cardano Shelley testnet on Raspberry PI

I have taken the time and I have documented how I’m running jormungandr on raspberry pi 3.

The Cardano Shelley testnet on Raspberry PI

I hope you find this useful.


I am currently following these instructions for my Raspberry PI 3B+.

Thank you for documenting your install process – but I think you might have forgotten to specify that we need to switch the nixpkgs channel to unstable.

# nix-channel --add nixos


Thank you so much for trying it out! You are right, the service is right now in the unstable NixOS channel and will reach NixOS 19.09 soon. The reason I did not explicitly specify this is that I suggest using the unstable NixOS image for RPI, which in addition to the service has some other performance improvements.


Oh OK, I was using a raspberry pi where I already installed nixos but not unstable.
It is working, thanks!

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