The Cardano: Top Five Fastest Developed Assets in Last 30 days

In terms of development activity , Santiment reports that Uniswap, Solana, and Cardano have been the fastest developed over the last 30 days. Cardano remains among the top five assets in the last 30 days.

30 day Development activity per [Santiment], with 386 notable Github submissions per day from its developers, Cardano clinched third place in 30-day development activity.Uniswap remains the fastest developed project on the market and maintains first place with 1,070 Github submissions per day, while second place is held by Solana.

Santiment’s metric tracks the development data of thousands of public Github repositories. With more users’ contribution to the projects, it gets the higher place in the ranking.

Cardano ecosystems Positive development cycle

Charles Hoskinson, founder Cardano, has recently of the first Hydra heads launching on the public Cardano testnet. Hydra Heads, the first in suite of pcols, is a critical element in Cardano’s scaling journey.

Hydra refers to a collection of Layer2 solutions aimed at improving network security and scalability. With the release of smart contracts technology for the Cardano blockchain, more developers have started to utilize the network and release various use cases.

Cardano’s total value locked, or TVL, continues to grow according to the DeFi Llama tracking service, $223 million is currently locked in various contracts built on the Crdano network. With the inclusion of staking, Cardano’s TVL is greater and stood at $313 million at press time.

ADA price has failed to catch up with the Cardano ecosystem, as it remains down nearly 75% from it’s all-time high of $3.10. ADA is presently trading in a tight range at $0.85, hinting at an upcoming major price movement.

ADA has a 60% 30-day correlation with BTC; therefore, traders and investors should keep a close eye on Bitcoin’s price action, according to [IntroTheBlock] data which offers real time directional predictions for top crypto assets. Read Cardano price prediction on Coinpedia for more details