The new version of ADALite wallet, NuFi. Interview with Michal Petro from Vacuumlabs

Michal from Vacuumlabs joins me to talk about their wallet NuFi.

It is far more than just a simple wallet with upcoming integrations of CNFTs and NFT marketplaces, DeFi protocols and DEXes in all coming in 2022.

Michal goes over what Vacuumlabs is and how they’ve contributed to the Cardano ecosystem and how the ADALite wallet has evolved into NuFi.

We chat about the ambitious road map for 2022 and what they want to achieve for the wallet and platform.

You can think of it like Ledger Live or Binance where you have multiple different currencies all in one platform with options to stake, provide liquidity, take out loads and much more all with a non-custodial approach. Your keys your crypto.