The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


Now we can hope only. Traders may be safe. But people like me has already lost all savings.


I hope with you my friend.


Did you mean Zimbabwe Dollar as your “$” ? :joy: That is realistic.


If it makes you feel any better, it wasn’t just “lost” it was just transferred to someone else…


Why do you think you lost ? No, it is still there. Soon or later, it will make profit.

Top rich Cardano wallets never give out a coin. See them here:


Thanks. I can hope only. I am not a trader and got in at .77$. already a huge loss and suffer.


Their goal is in poor countries that are considered unbanked not the western developed nations. The banking systems in western nations provides all the benefits the ADA project would in one way or another. This is according to recent statements by Charles H. Holding massive amounts of ADA could be a benefit as one receives payments from staking that might be the real deal if one can amass enough ADA.

I don’t wish to be too negative, IF Bitcoin breaks out of it’s slump and institutional investors really do flood the markets then all coins will see increases, including ADA. My interest is in seeing ADA’s value self sustained from massive adoption.

Everything is suspect about tokens when they are not in use and key to the value of the blockchain. I keep having to remember Charles wants to build the next gen blockchain that becomes the internet of blockchains. Note that doesn’t mention the token and if anything is true it’s that everyone wants to use their own token as they traverse the blockchain web.

IBM the friend of Stellar and XLM is the company killing potential valuations while lining their own pockets. Every banks and business customer is marketed to and told they need their own token. By telling everyone to have their own token it relegats all others to a simple access fee token. Study XRP and XLM. Not the deep fee cut XRP changed to to compete with XLM.

Unless the BAKKT project does make it possible for all tokens to be used as currency we may never see any great value in any but a few tokens like BAT. I’m betting the blockchains associated with banks will have the value driven out of their tokens. Banks don’t want to pay for tokens. They want to make fee’s. Tokens like XRP and XLM have had to drive their token prices down so low banks and companies are willingly absorbing their fee’s and increased their own thus making millions upon millions more from their own increased fee’s.

So I call on anyone to show proof that ADA will have any different result that those who have preceded ADA.


Intrinsic doesn’t translate to actual value. One can’t bank intrinsic value can they? I sold Visa and MC accounts. I loved my commissions. Each sold account stayed for and average of 4 years. I sold it once and received a residual from each one. That is value and value received.

If someone uses the Cardano blockchain to compete they must have a fee structure competitive with others like them in the same space. So where does increased valuation in the ADA token come from? I’m looking for Hoskins to build the use of ADA tokens into what it is, a currency. He isn’t doing that. He refuses to speak about it and he refuses to discus any form of potential valuation. Until it becomes used as a currency I’d observe long term it has no real future except as an asset to trade or hold to receive fee’s from staking.

Now before anyone thinks I’m against ADA, I’m not. I buy more every couple weeks. I love residual income and am hoping the staking fee’s will be of some value over time. I also expect that at some point two things will happen, 1. ADA will be used as a currency and 2. BAKKT will enable world wide acceptance. It will take time. Years. I’m a long term holder.


You don’t loose if you don’t sell. your just down for now. The markets will turn again in time.


I love how this thread never seems to die. Regarding what value Ada will have in the future I believe depends on the future utility and adoption of the Cardano blockchain. Because you need Ada to pay for transactions on the chain as the utility goes up the coins become more valuable. So in that respect the coins are more useful than a payment only coin. That is not to say people can’t use Ada for payment as well. Hopefully Cardano will become a popular choice for issuing STOs (what will replace ICOs). Regardless it’s a big world and there are plenty of people and use cases so I’m optimistic. The only way to prove it is to wait and see what happens I’m afraid. Did you see the Cardano Effect episode #6? Great interview with John O’Connor who runs IOHK’s Africa division. Good stuff about the possibilities there.


I don’t know anyone of this name in the Cardano sphere. And I don’t know anyone who is against ADA as a cryptocurrency or refuses to speak about it. On the contrary, there is a lot of information from the developers. So what are you upset about?


Fact is we are lost our position with trx. Look at Chinese development pace. One idea and they deliver it in one week or less.with Ada game is getting over because of slow and very slow pace. It is more like ethereum, which is getting better competitors every day.


Perhaps we must see, we need to start delivering things. Till time we don’t have even single real working product, it will not reflect on price.


Where did you get that chart from?


Here is a good link to a working product


:ada: scan if I’m not mistaken


Thanks. Some interesting data there.

Good to see IOHK have a decent wedge :wink:


How long people will see test net enhancement and wallet only. To be very once Frank we went out of top 5, now top 10. And soon we may see lots of faith going away.


Last night, I saw ada hit 10,000 in Binance, taking bitcoin’s NO.1 place. I feel glory and proud, in tears. I say “f you” to those Tron holders who ignored my kind advice, who looked down on me, who laughed at me.

Unfortunately, I woke up this morning. (ÒωÓױ)


aha, you can just continue this dreaming every night…