The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


I think you passed on the message.


$10,000?,can l have some of what you’re smokin’


I can’t see that happen in my life time.but I can believe it because I know #Possibilitiesareendless only one way if USD goes into a high inflation cycle like some African countries and loose its value. I mean ADA will hit $100000 one day too maybe in hundreds years. Probability is very low for ADA To go up to $10000 in my life Time i realistically believe that.
But you never know when the bull run Starts where will it LL end $10000 or $100000


its coming


Some one needs to explain how ADA will be valuated. What backs it. Gold? Silver? Platinum? Oil? electricity? What backs the value of a Token that has only one reason for existing which is to allow access to a Blockchain. A token that has absolutely nothing to do with the blockchains value. BUT is can be utilized by institutional investors and people in general as a representation of value >>similar<< to stock.

Stock values supposedly represent the value of companies and represent a value based on the value of the company asset and holding credit and debt. The stock was created for the purpose of following the value of the company and to fund it’s beginning. There are a multitude of reasons for stock. This is not the place to go into that. Beyond those facts, will Tokens become the stock of crypto companies excluding any corporate rights or token holder rights. Institutional money is already forcing the wild and crazy animal called crypto into the regulatory box with which we are all already familiar. So, will there become an agency that places value on blockchains? Will their tokens by virtue of their integration come to represent the value of their representative blockchains? What will the true value of a Cardano be? How will markets value those assets. When one looks into what the Cardano team is building, it is without doubt it will be THE most valuable and capable financial instrument we have seen on this globe. BUT how will it be valued and will the token actually represent that value? Is there any other choice available to the market for value representation? I say no. Every blockchain token will represent a value commensurate with it’s place in the market and it’s blockchains value to the market. The value of Cardano will be no different. Will it gain bank adoption? Will it work in retail? Will it be integrated into enough places that it’s value will not flap around wildly? Adoption and integration represent the solution to wild price swings. Look at the worlds currencies. They are spent in retail, most backed by nothing and trade in open markets. Yet they are stable enough to be accepted as a form of exchange for goods and services. Why. Because they can have a set value. Once markets determine how to place value on blockchains we will see a massive step and a milestone toward crypto acceptance and adoption. At that point integration will become the next major hurdle.

I believe in time, customers will accept ADA as a form of payment. As it is introduced in more and more places, eventually acceptance will take place. Slowly at first. Once broad acceptance takes place stability will increase. Stable coins are not the solution. Broad acceptance, adoption and integration are. Cardano has a real chance since they are already laying the ground work for transactions in retail. It’s a beginning. It will take years, but with this change we have also learned things move at lightening speed.


Remember, it is a smart contract platform that will also have side chains. Remember, its more than a currency.


Just watched this recently:

Made me think about the fact that one of the huge benefits of Crypto is the limited supply of tokens and limited inflation.


The price of this coin is very misleading for people that don’t really understand the amount of supply currently circulating.

Not trying to be mean or troll but just a heads up for new people that are wanting to invest into this coin and think that it might change their life or that they can buy lambos.
Bluestacks Kodi
Because the amount of circulating ADA is so high buying even 10k ADA is not gonna change your life. Lets make it so the amount of ada is similar to the amount of bitcoin. Right now there are about 16,744,925 bitcoins out there. There are currently 25,927,070,538 ADA coins out there. To make the numbers similar to bitcoin circulating supply divide all ADA circulating by 1000. Which is 25,927,070. So we have about 25 million KiloADAs. You want to buy 10,000 ADA so really 10 kiloADAs. Right now the price of 1 ADA is $0.28 so to buy 10,000 it would cost $2800. Which really means each kiloADA costs you $280(which is expensive this might be overpriced actually!). Lets say that each kiloAda went to the price of 1 ether which is currently at $700. You have 10kiloADA X $700 which comes out to $7000.

Congratulations you can buy a used Honda civic lol. The reason i’m posting this is so people are aware of how the supply can effect how much you can really make and how looking at the price per “coin” in cents can be a little misleading. To put it another way if you didn’t know what a cent was worth and I gave you 100,000 cents, you would be like OMG so much money but really I just gave you $1000 lol which will pay rent once and buy some food but nothing more.

I hope you guys don’t get upset at me for pointing this out. But I also came to this realization after buying 4k ADAs wooooo :slight_smile: big mooooney make it rain and by rain I mean more like a light light drizzle.


You know CH addressed this in his December AMA. Also, you can’t compare it to Bitcoin, because Bitcoin is acting like a “coin”, an arbitrary place to hold value deemed by the market. Cardano is a smart contract platform - Rust, Plutus & Marlowe. ideally you wouldn’t even have a cap, because you want the smart contracts to run for decades/centuries/ indefinitely. Comparing Bitcoin to ADA is like comparing Apples to Oranges here. Yes they are both fruit, but they are very different. One get its value based on scarcity and market perception; and the other based on its value in solving real world problems. The only commonality is they both use the construct of the block chain.


@Montna_Jim is completely right, but let me give you another perspective…:cardano: ATH is around $1.3, at the current price of .04c investing 10k will yield $250k once :cardano: gets back up there. Of course $1.3 ATH is not the roof, and once the project is completed :cardano:’s utility will be on a different level. It will be impossible to compete with :cardano: unless you mimic its scientific rigor and peer review. :cardano: will be the standard, it will absolutely dominate the space. If anything, the profit potential here is underestimated.


I would say $40 to $400 in the next 5 to 10 years is possible. $40 imo would be a fair price for the utility of the coin. Anything more than $40 would require it to be a global standard currency (max mass adoption), in my opinion; not financial advice.


One would hope all other currencies “rip off” and mimic Cardano’s tech. In fact, I predict it will happen once people can wrap their heads around it.


I have to agree,not talking about their thoughts on ADA value etc is a worry


You just compared the supply to BTC and then compared the potential value to ETH (Which has a 6x larger supply than BTC)? Ugh… Apples to Oranges. If you want to compare supply to BTC, then compare the potential value of kADA to BTC as well… In which case, if it hit current BTC levels, it would make your ADA worth $24k.


10k :ada: x 0.04c (current price)=$400, so investing even $400! won’t change my life?! That’s a bummer :tired_face:


Some might argue that investing $400 and having it go up to $24k would allow them to change their life quite drastically? I will agree that it wouldn’t alter mine significantly, but it’s all relative! :slight_smile:


Cryptorecorder: ”trilion dollar crypto could easily come true”


OK Im new, guess this thread is a running gag.

1 ADA = 10,000 USD is roughly equal to 300 trillion, thats 50 times the market cap of all gold in the world. How can you state such a guess? Bitcoin is worth 1% of all gold currently.

Might be wrong. Numbers by myself.


something noone takes for serious. Maybe except the one who started this thread…