The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


Damn. Have not fact checked that infograph but if its true that says a lot on a debt spiral.


Yeah, I have not checked it either. but seems legit with its reference urls.
Copy paste from LinkedIn :joy:

This clock is fun though:


Does this account for inflation?


So if there comes a next recession, Big financial institutions will they consider to work/implent with/the ADA ?


So if there comes a next recession, Big financial institutions will they consider to work/implent with/the ADA ?


U predicted very well, How big is the demand for usage on ADA platform after Shelly release? I mean, cant the adopters wait to use of Cardona platform?


Probably not, similar as the regression that happened to :ada: since last year, as everything seems to be connected to the big brother BTC :joy:


Sublime and so true


Nailed the true meaning of crypto 3.0


At the beginning of money all the trade was done in clamshells - so in todays value one clamshell was worth of 10.000 usd give or take. If Ada will be the clamshell of 2020 + 10-20 years, 10.000 Usd might be low gestimate.

Remember, as someone has wisely sead, people tend to overestimate the technical evolution in 2-3 years, but underestimate the evolution in 9-10 years time period. I saw this development and was in the centre of mobile internet evolution. The firm in which I was working was valued highest 1,5 billion dollars and it did not really have no other but ringingtones and pictures for mobile phones. Then came crash and shortly after that nobody beliewed in mobile services. Then from the ashes rose Apple and today people don’t remember the time you could only call or sms with your phone!

So Etherium is in this analogy the Nokia and Cardano is the Apple :slight_smile:

Ps. I know 10.000 usd sounds unrealistic, but who would have thought at eighties this internet revolution, or the law of Moore still continueing without slowing down (major importance to blockchain tech).

Ps2. However I would be happy for Ada = 1 Usd which is about 20x todays prices - better trajectory than in most stocks in Nasdac.


10K after 100 years.


But will the USD still exist in 100 years? :scream:


I’ve signed up to be cryogenically frozen, when I come back I’m going to be rich beyond my wildest dreams, I can’t wait!


Great idea! What could go wrong? Just study your seed phrase thoroughly and destroy any hard copy before you freeze. You’ll most likely remember it when you awake. Or maybe it will be better for me to hang onto it for you, in case cryo-pirates take over the freezing facility and hold you hostage for a ransom of your seed phrase. Also, it would be nice to time your thawing so as to witness some of the bull run. It would be a bummer to miss it after such a long crypto-winter. You might want to consider building a cryogenic Dapp on the Cardano blockchain in order to time your thawing, and beat the others who will sell at the new ATH?


:grinning: thanks but it’s all thought through… seed phrase is already tattooed on the inside of my lip and I’m not to fussed about the ATH… ADAs gonna be around $10,000 remember. I’ll be going in for the decap and deep freeze anytime soon :wink:


Why everyone is talking about marketcap, the marketcap is complete B*lls**t in the Crypto Space.

Example : I can make a coin with a circulation supply of Coins and anyone buy one Coin for 1 Dollar. What is the marketcap ??

The marketcap doesn’t mean that so much money went into a coin. In the future we will see matketcaps where we will wiggle our ears, but that is simply because you can’t use the measurement like that.


I’d be happy with 10 cents


In the form of a stable coin possibly.


Yes totally agree but I have also come to acknowledge that within the cryptospace and probably driven by a certain site it is just a simple term of referring to cryptocurrency depreciation/appreciation vs. fiat. Probably the total amount of a fiat currency would be used more if it could be calculated reliably.


Yes it is. The hardest part is the method of valuation. It’s been said that if one of the tokens gains acceptance in 25% of the worlds reserve banks it would become the global standard. If any token showed signs of becoming that token , I believe most of us who keep up with ADA would believe ADA might be that token. From an outsiders perspective, ADA seems to have all of the necessary features and functions. It’s design will onboard any other crypto, it has Quantum security as a blockchain itself, it will have infinite scale-ability, Hoskinson says they will be adding lightning rather than spend the time creating something else, their contracts are much more flexible and the system is designed for the express purpose of others building to the system. This blockchain will be years ahead of everything else. BUT it doesn’t end there. It’s design also has a very wise and well thought out ability to add additional features. In other words no matter what advances come, as an open source project it will be able to morph into a new creature with more elegant or well designed features. For me coming out of aerospace R&D this crypto is an amazing product with many years ahead of it. Any one building on other blockchains will find them more difficult and inferior in simplicity for programming engineers, and for end users be they banks or retail buyers and sellers. ADA today can be said to be the future of crypto as it sets the standards in every way we can currently imagine >> today. We don’t know what super dedicated smart person will come up with a better mousetrap. Maybe none. If that is the case, >>>(IF) Cardano’s ADA token is adopted by just 25% of the worlds reserve banks, it will be worth $6Trillion dollars at a minimum. What if it becomes a global universal standard. Is that even possible? At this point anything is possible. Cardano’s block chain will hold a global value for it’s global use. Lets let ADA mature and see where it goes. The problem institutional investors are having is in three significant areas.1 they don’t yet have a standard for valuation, 2 they don’t have a safe regulatory scheme in place. Institutional money guys work with government licenses and government oversight and 3 Safe storage of digital assets. They have requirements upon them. As fiduciaries (people responsible for other peoples money) these two issues are massively important. One last comment, Institutional investors are very savvy. The Staking program as developed by Cardano’s team is a vast improvement over others. A person with even 1 ADA can stake within a pool. Payouts are not done by the pool. It comes from Cardano, integrated system. As more people hold ADA for interest payments, some firms will set up monitors to gauge which pool is producing better returns. An entire new industry will be built. People forget to include to add these saved stashes of ADA into the calculations of how much ADA is available. Here is why I believe this is important. Eventually people like me will place significant amounts of ADA in their Grandchildren’s accounts. This will be tied up for years. Some will place theirs in trusts professionally managed for returns. It will be there for who knows how long. ADA has been created with a real value that we have left out of our thoughts and considerations. IT clearly is a store of real value >>> It pays you for holding it.