The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


Now go back and look at how many presidents that were charged with creating the debt had a Congress controlled by the other party.

This is a very important aspect to understand. Also look to see who grew the economy the most. Also.

I have found it amazing that Congress who is responsible for the purse is always free of any blame while the President carry it’s ugly with them to their graves.

The largest Debt was created by Democrat controlled congresses.


This is not an American problem, even though they top the chart.
It is the international banking system as a whole.

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We know Amerika is kinda screwed, they are unable to pay their debt, and it is still rising.
But what about the rich countries. Let’s take Norway as an example, with all their rich oil deposits and whatnot.

Why do Norway have debt?
They could pay it off within a 5 year period, and everything would be merrier.
But then we come to who have they debt to?
What accomplishes this endeavor of being in debt to someone (who is also in debt)…
The banking system and the coronation of mr. besserwisser have screwed the system, and they don¨t know how to get out of it.
The implementation of a mutual beneficiary system on a global scale will save everyone arses… and if/when the banks have the capability to lend some more money, they will even use that to buy more into the new system before it falls.

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In the early cowboy days, people with some gold could set up a bank and lend other people money for an interest.

Lets skip ahead to 2019. Bank A (Norway), Bank B (India), Bank C (whatever you want it to be)
Bank A have a lot of money, to much money, they start investing abroad
Bank B is even steven.
Bank C needs to borrow money for some development on their side.

B gets a good deal with C, because B have an even better deal with A.
Then A feels they are getting a bit low on their threshold, so they borrow some money from C for a very good interest rate, as their banking system is in lack of interest.
…and the shit just hit the fan
You get in to an ever evolving milking of the system. And the winners are the bank owners.
Even with crypto, they will find a way to milk it, but for this one you should be on for the ride, and I promise you it will be a fun endeavor to participate in.
The banks are not evil, they are just intricate machines grinding monetary systems.
What we really need to do as a community of collaborators is creating adaptive systems to create win-win opportunities, and include the population as a whole for the benefit of the next industrial revolutions.


So when a country itself sets them as Bankrupt, what happens?
Well, they become independent for once.
Females get the same salary as men (by law in Iceland)
They have no strings attached, no external power to consider. (Apart from being connected to NATO)
They are free…
Until the vulcano Hekla erupts and engulf all their crypto mining sites hehe…
There is also a saying that, when Reykjavik falls into the sea, Ragnarok will start…
We all know that it is bollocks, it is when Ouroboros or Jörmungandr can’t bite its tail anymore that the world will fall. :slight_smile:

PS: If you ever visit Iceland, Reykjavik, stay at the “Ugly Duckling” in the middle of Centrum. Awesome place. Fish for dinner and shower in hot water as long as you want hehe.
And the best date to visit Iceland is 17. june.
Open concert in the city, 5 days viking festival (buy the biggest horn, because you get to use it at the pubs, no matter the size, it is 500 ISK for a refill)


By which ADA price will Charles H. the richest person in the world? The same effect happend with the Ripple founder, he holded over 60% of xrp if am right.


Measuring one’s wealth by market capitalization metrics can be very difficult. Finding liquidity in the market is always a huge x-factor. That being said, IOHK only has 2.4B ADA holdings, and Charles is not the sole owner of the company. ADA would need to appreciate to insane levels to make Charles the richest person in the world.

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Thanks, What could be his total current net worth ? What is the total investment money for the next updated roadmap?


Dear ada family,
Worldwide deb is rising like a idiot specialy usa,one day soon guys the fed will or can not handle it anymore more deb and less income for the inflated us econmy.rising interest rate by fed will not help .whe will get black monday back again but this time more like a monster dow jones back to 5000 points ,dollar down 50% against all fiat.the cardano @ 40usd its on the cards and more for more and hodl ada its here asap 1930 crash crash.


Wait until it’s $0.001


Wir werden den Markt zerf…en!


Wiso so pessimistisch?


Why pessimistic??
I’m optimistic :smile:

But then again I am always optimistic :joy:

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Nice… we will go over 10.000$ the Project is on the top.

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Haha lets get to 1$ first :sweat_smile:

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Bei 1 $ bin ich im skyline/HongKong Orangen Saft trinken. :wink:


I’m baaaaack!


Yes l think at the moment your prediction seems to be the most accurate


Absolutely no chance,more like .100


LOL instead of playing bingo with coin price , maybe IOHK/Cardano should start generating revenue first :slight_smile:


Yes,absolutely correct, but l have to say that article l just read from Forbes by The Crypto Hottie Rachael Wolfrom about Atala in Ethiopia sounds REALLY interesting,potentially. Arrrr,if they ever actually get it up and running.

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