The reason why Ada will hit 10,000 $ and much higher


Ultimately how much something is ‘worth’ is secondary. For what it’s worth lollipops may ultimately be what is worth most.

What is important is the link to ‘real wealth’: primary wealth (productive farmland, woodland, access to minerals) and secondary wealth (e.g. machines, tools, elements needed to transform the production of primary wealth into useful products that are needed in society). All the rest is ultimately just a derivative.

Perspective is important; the best baseline of real value in my view? What is needed to (debt free) purchase a piece of land that is able to, in a sustainable way, produce the food/ energy needs of a family :slightly_smiling_face:.

Investing. Stocks, crypto, world finacial system...big picture profit and survival thoughts,

I think we should be happy with £1 in todays value by end of 2018 plus £1 extra for each year plus interest from staking.

Given todays £0.37p price, even that conservative estimate makes Ada a steal right now.

Fill your boots !


Great Post, but I don’t think it was the Deutsche Mark which collapsed and got replaced by the EURO, it was the Reichsmark that collapsed.


Yes, you’re absolutely correct. Many people use them interchangeably, but the RM came before the DM and I should have been more precise. Good catch!


I am from Germany, ADALove, and I can tell you: Adolf Hitler is dead.:rofl:


Well said.


I read “Why most cryptocurrency marketcap is fake” and agree with it from an investors point of view, I am glad someone wrote it, and hope that more articles are written on the subject, it is an inside look at what is happening with crypto, and it is also a testament to crypto and validates all the work that was done in the early day’s for what it’s design was initially proposed to be.
I have Cardano fever, and it is just about as bad as my Gold fever was several years ago, it is driven by greed no doubt, and fed by truth, requires some knowledge on the subject to attain it, and some investment and time, I see crypto value skyrocketing and market cap being irrelevant to an investor, all the recent ICO’s have not yet tapped the markets they have targeted and there are so many that I cannot count the legit teams that are going to spread the news to the population about crypto and how to use it (How to use your own bank is important) and the population will begin to learn what crypto is and what the best options in crypto are,
I may foolishly believe ADA could attain 10,000 but that is based on my knowledge of crypto and the storm surrounding ADA and the rarity that a Cardano DAPP will be launched on its platform for quite awhile - nobody knows Haskell - nobody is teaching Haskell at the level that the teams around Cardano are developing programs to operate at so unless it is built as ‘copy paste’ than it will take a Haskell programmer to write all the special code for unique functions.
The education is lacking surrounding the project except within the project itself, it is possible that this will be the most professionally built platform that will begin as niche to very few developers around the world and so will make it the safest haven for any legitimate business, corporation, state, organization or individual to be involved with blockchain technology, the project is not just crypto in my opinion; it is safe networking of information for wealth and more

So 10,000 = Not hard to see as the price of scamcoins/forks rise to over 1000.
1000 = easy to see if roadmap goals are attained.
100 = I think it will be attained on speculation that the roadmap goals can be achieved.

At time of writing ADA is worth 36 cents a coin, based on fake marketcap estimates.


Nice post @Haskell-plus. Regarding. . . .

Are you’re talking about Cardano’s core system code or the code required for app developers to build smart contracts? I’ve heard Charles say the team isn’t having any difficulty finding good Haskell devs for internal development. So, if the concern is about smart contract app devs throughout the ecosystem, then please see my post, Haskell Is Not a Barrier to Cardano’s Widespread Adoption, to eliminate any concerns about this issue.


According to Jim Rickards Gold will go to $10k an ounce when USD is revalued (Jim outlines how he gets to $10k) If that’s the case will 1 ADA be worth 1 ounce of Gold? Interesting thought experiment. I would have said hell no back in my gold/silver bug days but now that I have seen 1 Bitcoin at one point being worth 20 ounces of Gold - (and arguably Bitcoin is low tech in crypto) …who knows? :slight_smile:


PProsperity in the house - Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary wealth. :slight_smile:


Yes I am referring to the core, if a State… lets say So. Korea decides to put all of their tax information for their citizens on the Cardano blockchain so that is available to each and every district within So. Korea then they would require someone versed in Haskell to understand any bugs that come with the interoperability of the tools provided by the Cardano team so that they can assure their citizens that they are taking every procedure possible to protect their citizens information.
I think it will be easy for a programmer to understand and use Cardano on the App scale to launch something that they could sell, but currently the Cardano Foundation is about building Cardano and not about supporting countries or businesses in their own ventures that may be more than a smart contract, the Haskell Programmers in the world will be in high demand for years when the Cardano vision comes to fruition.
This is truly an outside look at things - The Cardano team does not have or mentioned (to my knowledge) customer support for highly complicated applications to run on the network they are building.
Haskell could appear as a barrier for someone building a missile defense system that is transferring information through the network with multiple contracts or programs built by multiple programmers.
Do not misunderstand my words as my english grammar may have faults, but;
Haskell will be very important for interoperable systems that rise higher than the crypto development’s of the past, that is something that is apparent to me, Cardano platform will be user friendly beyond what ETH offer’s.; :Rambling on, I do not think that the community would ever fork Cardano like the Ethereum Chain was forked to return value to those that had ETH stolen from them, but as it moves to a staking - voting community then a programmer that understands the Haskell language could hypothetically write into their program a protocol that will not accept a fragment of stolen coins or any coins that have been identified as possibly stolen and if such a thing was accepted by the community and voted on as an accepted protocol it would then be a deterrent to stealing ADA and developed, every ADA and Lovelace will have a stamp of where it is from and knowing how to program and understanding Haskell will benefit in the situation when someone cannot understand why or when they want to do unique things and it does not work with their smart contract,
Charles in his latest interview was very clear that programmers of common languages will be able to work with Cardano , I just think too much maybe and expect too much out of the future.

Side Note; I do enjoy your post’s ADALove


Yeah . I think the deployment of a more eagerly evaluated language is a great sign of things to come (Pluton or Pluto?). . To a math person , or a programmer who has understood FP … the proof of integrity and proof of truth and reliability is right there . You can’t even achieve that 100% with imperative programming … if you go back to the roots of computing … You have to make a choice , haskells paradox (writing a provably false statement as truth) , or the halting problem (you can’t fully know what behavior to expect from your program) … I think most people would prefer reliability and accuracy, and when the quantum computing algorithms are put into play and advanced intelligence is put into play, you are going to want a foundation you can trust mathematically. It’s possible to do in imperative, but in FP it is “baked in” by the writers .

I want to see some more action w the qeditas project , personally! :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to imply any problems w interoperability… you can obviously write verifiable code in imperative language… but , have we been able to trust visa, cloudflare, credit bureaus , and routers ? Not quite …by a longshot. They need to fix their bugs . In cardano, you have NASA level (or hopefully better) reliability. But not only that , you have reliable scalability . Which is really most refined and valuable chain on the horizon


I love how you point to the different mindset of the etc/eth/Ada teams. In the original dao hack, some people acknowledged true coding truth … and some people decided to exploit the code … … who is who hmm?

Cardano is literally immune to this type of attack, and so the stakeholders of the verifiable truth and ethical truth , are thusly revealed


Thank you for your post. Just to clarify, any K defined language can be used to write a dApp on the Cardano smart contracts platform. Not just Haskell. This means languages such as C, Java, JavaScript, Solidity, Plutus, and many more…Charles confirmed it himself on Reddit a few months ago on this link here.

There is a difference between the language used to program the protocol for Smart Contracts Platform (the Cardano Computation Layer), and the language of the Smart Contract App itself. You can read more here on the subject (skip to the Smart Contract Security paragraph).

Charles also talked about it in detail in his Boxmining interview as well. ( from 1:09:00 to 1:14:00)

We need to spread this Not-Just-Haskell-Any-K-Language actively, because it is vital about its future popularity in the developers community in my opinion. We can’t afford to let doubt or FUD win at this stage


Choskins goal is to make ADA the 1st Trillion dollar cryptocurrency. If we use the below figures:

Circulating Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
Total Supply: 31,112,484,646 ADA
Max Supply: 45,000,000,000 ADA

$1 Trillion / Max Supply = 22.222222 = $22 USD per ADA is the price target

I am horrible with math…does this look right?


But did he refer to exactly one Trillion? Or just Trillion in general? :stuck_out_tongue:
Because if you divide
$999 Trillion / Max Supply
then - if I have gotten my math right - the price target is $22,200, which is more than double @Abu2017 was aiming for.
So… Let’s go!!! To the moon!

Just kidding… I also see Cardano rather in the price range of $100 max.


Your math looks like you did division accurately … what can be stated about your math is that … in the event that the world places at least a $1TN “valuation” in ada , the coin would be worth at least $22 each .

The hard part isn’t the math … Is it “hard” to achieve a 1TN valuation? Somewhat … it would only require being considered as valuable as say, Amazon+Google combined. Is that a stretch ? I don’t think so.

You have to look at the value that is being delivered to the world, to stakeholders , to “evaluate” a venture … If you are looking at the “utility” function of a Lovelace, the dao is looking to minimize the price/cost, and thus, maximize the value. If you asked “can a payment remittance system” ever be worth $1tn … I would say no way . You can always create new ways of payment remittance. So you would never expect Ada to be “worth” 1tn for that reason specifically … If you are an intense value analyst, you could ask people , what is the value of the intangible freedoms you enjoy in a good democracy , what is the intangible value of “ease of use” … Walmart and Amazon have had their share price go up by selling people “ease of use” … which is clearly not a good or service but an attribute of their business…

So go one level lower/higher

Let’s consider the set of tax accountants for individuals across the entire world. Their “value” to society is probably $1TN … if cardano did nothing but automatic perfect easy to use accounting calculators, and replaced all of those people’s jobs … it would be worth $1TN too … but is that cardanos true goal ?

What is the value of replacing bureaucracies?
What is the value of replacing machine-fixable inefficiencies ?

These values are incalculably high.

The value of “future automation and truth ledgers democracy” is clearly in the hundreds of trillions of dollars … if not more.

So it’s hard to put a price cap on cardano .

I don’t think it will achieve a $22 trading price soon , but I think it will definitely sometime within 5-10 years.


Also I think if you take a look from a global macro view … “what is an investment”?

One answer is … it’s a value that is agreed upon that can be owned in bond, stock, currency, units , etc

The value of putting your money in an investment , is that you expect to benefit … either you benefit by safety (ie TIPs or even cash) … you benefit by known return/risk over time (safe bond) … or you benefit by sharing in return/risk/growth/r&d over time (stock or venture ownership).

Cardano has even more potential valueS than any of the above mentioned asset classes … Blockchains are so hard to evaluate , they even have warren buffet confused .

So the answer of what cardanos value truly is, is really hard to elaborate on. Honestly one thing I tell new recruits that don’t know about economics is that cardano is the most bond like or future proof crypto . This is because of the math and the team . Will it really behave like a bond, offering only strictly expected return ? Of course not… will it even behave like a stock ? Each piece of Ada contains a virtual machine and the ownership and exchange is completely trustable. I mean how can you even value that?


moje skromne przemyślenia w temacie

  1. Oszczędności całego świata (ludzie i firmy) to około 170 000 000 000 000 USD
  2. Jeżeli około 1% oszczędności zostanie wpompowane w coiny to będzie około 1 700 000 000 000 USD
  3. CARDANO to około 4% bieżącej wartości rynku kryptowalut
  4. 4% z 1 700 000 000 000 USD to 68 000 000 000 USD
  5. 68 000 000 000 USD / 31 112 483 745 ADA (total supply) = 2,185617 USD na dzień dzisiejszy czyli ADA jest niedowartościowany co widać na wykresach coinmarketcap
    Dziękuję za przeczytanie