The visibility of transactions on the open Cardano blockchain


Hi guys, some community members are worried about the visibility of transactions on the open Cardano blockchain. Here is an example of a post on the Cardano subreddit:

I wondered what your thoughts were on this?


I think if we generate new wallet address for every transaction, there will be no problem. Monero like privacy will only attract bad actors to Cardano.


I agree that regulation vs. privacy will need to meet half way to gain sustainability. I am curious as to what the enforcement and penalty judgments would look like for regulation infraction. Who enforces it in this new era? Sure you may have set up your account in the UK but you live in the states and your VPN says your in China. Who polices all this? Cardano?


Cardano won’t be policing anything, I’m sure. What’s being worked on now is the infrastructure that will allow regulation. By whom is yet to be determined.