Thoughts on Dripdropz

Curious to know what are your thoughts and opinions on Dripdropz? Credible, safe and worthwhile?
Seems like there could be a lot of worthless tokens. How can you tell?


probably not

I think there are some really interesting use cases for something like dripdropz but at the current stage there is nearly zero sense in using it.


Thanks for your input Zyroxa. Can you elaborate on why? Too much chaff?

How do you assess the fundamentals of each token?

Most of them are meme coins. There is not so much to assess, there.

You can look at their current values on Muesliswap and SundaeSwap.

The DRIPs you get for free tightly have enough value (at the moment) for compensating the cost of claiming the tokens.

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Thanks again HeptaSean. Potential long term loss with most then?
Worth it or not?
Any potential outliers?

There are a few – Tokhun, Adosia, Drip themselves – that look like real projects, but even for them, you do not get enough to make an exceptionally good deal. Who would expect that if not only you, but thousands of others get these more or less for free?

DripDropz itself might be a success if more projects – like SundaeSwap now – choose it for their airdrops.

To me, this is all just playing around. Most of these projects might or might not be there in a year. It’s even more volatile than cryptocurrencies as a whole are, anyway. I think, I won’t even discuss that with the same seriousness as real investments.

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Very valid point and my thoughts are similar.
Sundaeswap just seemed pointless to me too even though I did take part in ispo. We will see where that leads.
I even regret getting involved with Cardano now. Im left holding the bag and cant see it recovering any time soon.