Sundaeswap tokens

Hi there

Will these sundea swap tokens worth something or it is just a game?

How to know how much all my iso tokens worth when I claimed from dripdropz?


Nobody can know now if that is the bottom.

They were the first, had a rough start, and now there are other DEXes that are said to work better. But maybe they get back through some kind of upgrade?

You could wait for the ISO and RISO becoming available through SundaeSwap itself without the additional DripDropz fee.

Did not make a research about other dexes.

I think it will depend on how entire Ada ecosystem will perform

Completely ignoring all the shills on YouTube is best not just financially but also for your own sanity.

Worrying about “gains” on something as trivial as a utility token of a prototype platform within an emerging blockchain ecosystem during a bear market is akin to trying to predict how much gasoline you will have left at a gas station full of explosives that just got detonated.


I think Sundaeswap tokens are a great idea. It’s simple, easy to use and a lot of fun! The whole process is so simple that anyone can start earning tokens immediately.

…, but if anyone can earn them so easily, how should they retain/(re)gain value?

For what it’s worth, it is also totally easy to get millions of Hosky.