Know of any new Native Tokens on Alonzo?

Anyone know of any upcoming or recently created native tokens from this early Alonzo release? If so, what are they and what’s interesting about them? Links to learn more about them?

I heard of three so far.
YaYSwap token, that is traded on some exchange already.
SundaySwap Token, they are about to launch ISPO (Initial Stake Pool Offering)
and World Mobile Token WMT

What about Revuto (REVU) ?

Yeah Revuto had their ICO last month but those tokens aren’t being traded actively idt. SundaeSwap decided to postpone their ICO until further notice for security and/or technical considerations. YaySwap is a peculiar one, there’s a very little good information on them off their website that I could find and the exchange they’re on at the time of this writing isn’t apparently trustworthy (based on reviews). Seems like REVU is the most credible coin and it’s out reach for us atm!!

To add to what @Neo_Spank listed, there is also ADAX, another AMM minted native on Cardano which has a public IEO on ExMarkets right now and will be traded there soon.

XRAY is also being distributed as part of the RAY Cardano ecosystem to those who are staking to RAY pools.

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