When is cardano native tokens major stock market listings?

cardano native tokens are not listed on any major exchange, what’s the main problem with this? Cardano ecosystem is not developing, even the first pre-sold revuto token is still not listed on any exchange, please do something, now the cardano ecosystem is activated, I want to see cardano local tokens on big exchanges such as binance, huobi

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It is on Coinbase

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Hello @Ertem_ERDOGAN

What individual projects do and where they get listed has nothing to do with Cardano network. You should contact devs for those projects and express your concerns to them. Those devs can choose direction of theirs apps/tokens. Cardano network has no say in that.

Cardano network is neutral when it comes to any independent projects. Just like any decentralized network should be.

I think Ardana for example is planning CEX listing until end of the year. There are so many projects in the Private/Public sales phase and listing on CEX is just the logical next step from a funding perspective. So i think we will see some action in this area. But as already mentioned. This is in the hands of the individual teams and in my opinion deliver value needs to go hand in hand with adding more funding.