Bitrue is looking to list Cardano projects who are working on smart contracts

Hey there Cardano community,

I’m with Bitrue, we’re a leading cryptocurrency exchange who have been supporting ADA for several years already. We’re also proud to say that we recently became the first exchange to stake our ADA with community stakepools directly, we’re the first exchange to complete support for Cardano native assets, and we also recently open sourced a significant piece of code which assists exchanges in integrating the Cardano chain.

We’re actually looking to support the Cardano ecosystem even further, so I’ve come here today looking to connect with team members from any project that is currently building on the Cardano chain (particularly those who are utilizing smart contracts).

If your project fits the bill then we want to enlist you in our BTR Vote feature, where our community members will vote using BTR to get you listed on the exchange. If you receive sufficient community support we’ll be able to give you a fast-track listing on our exchange, along with a full round of marketing activities to expose our 4 million+ traders to your project.

If you’re an official representative of a team and want to take part, please fill out this form here and we’ll get back to you soon.


Welcome @Bitrue_Adam to the Cardano forum. I’m happy to see one positive news after the other coming from Bitrue. Delegating to community pools, supporting native tokens, and even contributing code. :raised_hands:

awesome @Bitrue_Adam
Love that your supporting native assets on Cardano!
I know about one you should check out for sure [: it has real impactful utility Cause-Integrated Campaigns – WeThinkItMatters WTIM

We just minted our first SantoToken. image

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