Tip(diff), changed the parameter TraceMempool

Hello other pool operators!

I have a question regarding the Tip(diff), on the relay node it is kind off lagging behind I guess. BP node is almost 24/7 in green, but relay is going down even to a point that the tip (diff) switches to: status: “syncing (100.0%)”

Now I have read something about changing the parameter: TraceMempool to false.

In guild liveview the relay node stopped viewing processed TX and mempool TX/bytes.
But at the BP node, both are working and updating.

This seems the solution for now, but what did I actually changed? And does it affect something else?
Can someone explain this to me?


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All these will be fixed in next node release.



Thank you Alex,

What do you recommend for now? Are you also having the same problem?


I have this issue only with my relay for tests which has 8g; the nodes with 16 and 32g I haven’t

Set traceMempool to false and wait for the next release


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hello, where is Tracemempool?

Insinde configuration file

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You need to open mainnet-config.json, for example with a texteditor is a possibility.
Then search for the parameter TraceMempool, and set it to false (by default it is True).

Had this issue as well, CPU was running at 50%, disabled TraceMempool, reboot and back down to 3% and looking much healthier.

It doesn’t look great not seeing TXs on the relay but the BP is increasing nicely so I guess that is what matters.

Thank you to the community for the help as always.

Hello Alex:
This is not regarding tracemempool, I am having and issue with BP, I guess it is an issue, certainly it does not feel like a normal behavior, but every time there is and epoch change, the gLview disconnects from the node and I need to restart gLview, any toughs?

Did u check if also the node is restarting?


no, it is not, the uptime remains, and the tip diff goes over 100

Then should be the epoch transition…

What should I do, issue has been closed, is it still pending a fix?

It will be fixed in 1.26.1 release

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Ok, thanks, when is it expected to be available?

I don’t know… there is no date yet