Token-metadata-creator v0.2.0.0

Hi I built the offchain-metadata-tools with nix but the command token-metadata-creator cannot be found. How can I fix this?

I used to be able to use the tool without problem with version v0.1.0.0, but it was updated to version v0.2.0.0 to include a new entry “decimals” so I pulled the latest version from master and built it again, which resulted in this problem

Was there a more specific error in terminal output you could share? For example: a compilation error would cause the build to fail and not generate the binary output which would then cause your subsequent command to fail as you described.

Briefly looking at the project it appears you can also download prebuilt binaries. This is typically easier if you are not a developer familiar with build-tools, debugging, scm, etc. All you would need to do is tar -zxf token-metadata-creator.tar.gz and then run the command you want from there. For reference the project release download page is here: Releases · input-output-hk/offchain-metadata-tools · GitHub

If you are building from source also note you can use git checkout and/or git reset commands to go to other branches or previous commits in the repository. If you prefer to re-build an older version that was working for you this is always an option once you have cloned the repository locally.