TopologyUpdater suggesting remote nodes

Hello follow SPOs,
I have been running topologyUpdater on a relay situated in Singapore for some time now and it instead of suggesting nodes in my vicinity, it does the opposite.
E.g. the latest recommended relays are US - 7 times, EU - 7 times, Oceania - 1 time.The best of them with a ping of 160+ ms.
Was it just a streak of bad luck on my side or is the system interpreting my IP’s location incorrectly.
Any thoughts?

Mine does the same… but u can find some relays from your area and add them to the custom peers


Do you read my mind or what :slight_smile: Just got some from here
and guess what, my relay was in the list, so the location can be correctly recognized.

Cheers back to you
P.S. In case anybody needs some “nearby” relays