Getting low latency relay peers - Topology updater

Hello Mates,

Currently I’m using topology-updater tool/script from Guild Operators Documentation

How can I filter for geo based relays ? Is there a way to get low latency relays list?

Please help.


What do you mean… you can configure some trusted peers to custom peers in topology script file but the script works like that…


We calculate the distance on the earth’s surface from your nodes IP to all subscribed peers. We then order by distance (closest first) and start selecting one peer. Then skip some, pick the next, skip, pick, skip, pick … until we reach the end of the list (furthest away). The number of skipped records is calculated in a way to have the desired number of peers at the end.

Every requesting node has his personal distances to all other nodes.

We assume this should result in a well distributed and interconnected peering network.

More about here

I agree. Peers generated by topology updater is having high latencies. And they are from other continent altogether…

Restart your relay, maybe it will connect to other nodes with low latency, I’m doing often for a dynamic topology…

Thank you @Alexd1985 for chiming in…

I did tried restarting few times but still was getting connected to high latency nodes. I made 60% static entries for relays within my state (California) rest are dynamic. Now I see balanced nodes. But not sure f it is goin to affect the probability of minting block!

Should not affect as much your propagation is ok;
I also have a relay in USA and my BP is in Germany… and yes… there is latency but only ~ 110 ms… so should not be a problem

Cool. Let me add your relay as static entry. Thank you.

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