Trading category gone?

Hey all,

Seems that the trading category is gone from this forum. A simple mistake or perhaps the next step towards staking? After all, who’s going to trade with Shelly around the corner? :grinning:

P.s. I wasn’t a trader before, but after seeing yesterdays Binance dick move I’m even more convinced I should only accumulate and stake.

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no it is still there but the topics are not displayed in the mail overview of the forum. You can always access the trading category via the category tab.

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Gotcha, thanks man.

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I found it in my “muted” list a few days ago, thought I’d put it there by mistake. But this was a forum-wide thing then?

Just curious — what was the reasoning behind this move?

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Thanks just saw mine was muted also. I was wondering why it wasn’t showing in my latest threads.

Yes, this setting was intentionally set a few month ago. Because, unfortunately, the trading category attracts too many low-quality posts and what this setting prevents, is that new people open the forum for the first time, seeing the overview cluttered with topics like:

“ADA continues to Decline from recent highs of 10 cents”
“First Warning NOW NOW NOW”
“Klaxon Horn Going Off”
“Likely ADA no spike 2019”

On the other hand, we don’t want to censor these kinds of topics either, so people have to click into the trading category to read these types of topics or change this in their settings.

I’d like to add that this “muted category”-setting was only one of a few changes (find them here: Updated Guidelines for the trading category) that we did to the forum, and the trading category got a lot better since then. The community should decide in the future if this is still needed.


Perhaps the category label should be changed

There aren’t going to be many traders reading this forum since they are only interested in price action, not fundamentals and therefore have little to no interest in participating or reading the forum.

Looking at the majority of posts in the category they have very little to do with trading specifically.

Since most posts gravitate towards value and price rather than trading then perhaps we should relabel it to something like “Tokenomics”

No real traders will express much interest in a trading category on a forum, their interests begins and stops at price history.

However ADA economics is a very interesting category, from interest return from staking, inflation, factors that effect price, use and distribution, etc

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