Updated Guidelines for the trading category

Hello everyone,

This space is always moving and improving. And we want to ensure that the discussion and content shared within the trading category provide value to the Cardano community. Please abide by the following minimum requirements and guidelines:

  • Topics and discussions about other competitors or offtopic content belong in the General Discussion Thread.

  • When discussing price speculation, please make sure to include reasoning on why you expect a certain movement will happen. For example, a Technical analysis, sentimental analysis or use of other reliable market indicators.

  • Low-value content such as “sell now”, “buy now” and “ADA almost X cents/sats” are not allowed in this category., Please use the General Discussion Thread thread.

  • Posting a link without any context is also considered low value and will be removed by moderators.

  • The community code of conduct is still in place across the entire forum, including this category.

  • As for the remaining days in June: all new topics created in the trading category will need approval from a moderator first, for testing purposes.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope this will further improve our community quality!