Major Announcement

Cardano requires a major announcement sooner than later,to remain relevant in the marketplace and keep interest of investors.

False. There is no single real use case driving the price of any coin… Yet. Cardano requires real use cases and those are coming later in the year. Just enjoy the ride until we get there.

Nah. Only retail and unseasoned ‘investors’ follow short term news cycles/announcements and they don’t hold any real capital. Deep pocket investors aren’t waiting for the latest CH AMA; they’re only investing based on team, github/spec and leadership. This is the only only ‘news’ worth following right now as nothing is live. Bots are trading charts which don’t look particularly great currently. They’ll also trade ADA up the ladder if the alt space sees a rally after being crushed for the last month. If this happens with ADA it will have nothing to do with ‘announcements’.

Cardano will only win in the long run if they build a better platform than current incumbents and then garner some real adoption. This will, in turn, drive price through basic laws of supply/demand. This is all TBD. The only demand now is based on 100% speculation as there is no real use case for ADA until the entire platform is built.

Cardano has a lot of potential but the whole vision is a ways off… and that’s okay. Cardano has been and is still currently a speculative investment with high risk and potential high reward.


Yes very good article.

how long we need to wait for announcement?