Phil is right

People have the right to express their opinions and if you don’t like it bad luck.You can’t tell them to get on their bikes just because you don’t like what is said.In the end the market dictates the attitude towards ADA,not individuals.


There really is no context for this. What is the point? Why should everyone know who “Phil” is here. Opinions on the price of ADA are just hot air and there are places to go if you want to play that tune.


Cardano’s average price over months, over years, is nothing less than a relative barometer of its perceived future fundamental value and performance.

Not all with a “double dose of brains” display price contempt; it’s just a minority who’s Sun still orbits them. Dean Kamen would tell you he was that guy; the weight of lessons too-late can be inconsolable.

It is contempt for idle speculation. Technical market players have a role in liquidity and price setting, and market guessers are fleece to be sheared by the technical traders.

From the standpoint of currency utility, speculation driven volatility is a cost, a friction. I’m interested in what, if any, foundations there are for coin value, and I’ve yet to see anything that is different in kind than fiat, except that there is no control. Read use can/should provide the stability, but it is way to early.

I understand you, “ idle speculation" vs “opinions on the price". IMO, we haven’t suffered from the former thanks to their burn rate, and this forum’s diligent Moderators. As I’ve stated differently elsewhere, the latter group however is equal in importance to any; this group has chosen a metric called price, while others prefer say, commits. Price is a tangible expression of a value-collaboration over time. One metric is invariably superior to another only in the mind of the person living on his stationary planet.

My reply’s context reflects on sufficient knowledge delusions which an unfortunate few, over the arc of their life, nurture to nihilistic effect.

I used to have great conversations over beers with my Econometrics professor; they were entertaining and tolerable only because he accepted his discipline for what it was, not as a world organizing religion.

Well said deepau.

Yes Gerry nurture to nihilistic effect