Yet again about Market and Price

According to many of our best traders here, ADA has too much supply to be the object of speculation. However, I have made a case study of Ripple, which was trading at only 0.20 USD a few days ago, compared to ADA.

The amateur reports say that ADA could be dragged into massive speculation but never achieve 10 - 15 dollars hallmark. It may be true from a health market perspective.

Nonetheless, the prices of Ripple confirmed to us that the market has an intrinsic value. This value is created by us in every instance. Today, Ripple is trading at 1.90 USD, and this price has an enormous significance for ADA traders.

A trader knows that if the technology is being taken into consideration, the issue with supply, which was currently causing fear among many, is irrelevant under the price point of 1.90 USD.

More information about the technology behind ADA is coming out every single day. We know the developers and what they are doing. Every step that is taking today is made public later on by ADA’s team. It creates trust among the investors.

Ada is a prominent innovation. The value of our coins, which is given in FIAT today, is not completely decentralized just yet. As for the traders, at least we know that supply will not be that big of a problem, it will rather be a positive aspect of the coin.

In conclusion, I would say that ADA is yet trading low and that healthy growth is expected throughout 2018 and will be much appreciated by the community.