How does current circulation impact price?


This discussion is about price speculation and is purely for fun. I realize that this platform is being created for dapps and not a store of value.

With that out of the way. ada currently has 25bn coins in circulation and a max circulation of 45bn coins, what realistic prices in 1 year, 2 year , 5 year do you think holding this coin could yield? The amnt in circulation i feel will keep the price under control and under 20 cents for the foreseeable future. This is just my opinion from looking at other coins as well.


It is hard to argue with that. However, if the world currency is valued at $80T, and crypto has hit a value of $150B, I don’t see it as an unhealthy inflation. There is a demand for a dependable decentralized currency. If we all agree to give paper money it’s value, we can equally give value to crypto. With there being a cap to how much ADA there can be, naturally a single ADA will be more valuable than a single USD in the future. It would be like buying what was considered a rock for nothing before we gave it a value, and now you have $XXX,XXX worth of gold.

That’s just my .02 ADA on it :wink:


interesting perspective. it would need mass adoption to see any significant increase in value and that will only come with commercial viability. This will be a long term hold 3 years + which i am fine with, i am glad to have some skin in the game and am not too worried about my position.


When they explained that Daedalus will have a debit card option that instantly converts for purchases, I knew I’d picked a winner.



that is pretty lit


@mb1990 Bruh, litty of the most lit. :fire: