Trading off of inherent instability of crypto

As fiats are backed by nation states with constitutions, laws, and a regulatory body and framework, how do you trade against cryptos, all of which have inherent instabilities built it. What do I mean by that you ask…

  1. Instability resulting from an almost endless amount of cryptos that can be created in a matter of minutes;

  2. Publishing of code to open source. By way of example, the production process of every fiat is a closely guarded secret. Obtaining access to the paper and ink is itself a hurculean task. Code for crypto is just out there.

  3. There is little to stop people from creating crypto coins and tokens. Coins may fall under regulation, but tokens may not. Tokens are in use in many places today such as arcades, car washes, etc.

What is your strategy?

Regarding the amount of time it takes to create a crypto…

Do you consider these instances when trading or modeling?